My Start


My first Contact with an Entrepreneur

Of course everybody had an remarkable experience related to his or her future decisions. My experience was pretty early when I was about 5 years old, he made everything possible. It was my dad. He was at this time very successful and it made me possible to follow my dream with out even thinking about these responsibilities. I had no Idea what he went trough just to make it possible following my Hobby.

He worked every week more than 60 hours as an Entrepreneur to finance my life. Without even thinking about doing something else with that money. I am very thankful for everything he did for me.

Anyways. What was is that fascinated me what he actually did?

Alright. He had his own Car-repair-Shop in a wealthy neighborhood. He knew some wealthy people and we basically hang out with them. All of those were Entrepreneurs (Male,Female,Younger and Older Entrepreneurs). Ok many people think it’s a dirty Job and it’s not worth it to do that. Just to be open mind I would say – In depends -.

For my understanding it’s not important what you do. It’s more about where you will do it. I think it wouldn’t be that easy to get to that success when I he had a Shop in a worse neighborhood. Don’t forget – 1998 was no Internet in Germany. No Google and No Yelp suggestions. It took hard work to get there where he was.

I remember that one day when I was in his Shop in that waiting Area sitting in front of the Television. Outside was raining and he finished up the last customer. It was about 3 PM and because of the weather condition nothing spectacular happened that day. After finishing up his customer he seemed to me kind of fulfilled. He took a seat right next to me and asked me if I was happy. I said ” Yes dad I am. Are you happy daddy?” He answered: ” As long as you are happy I ‘ll always be happy son.” I was 5 and I am not sure what he was trying to tell me but after almost 20 years I think he was just happy to see me happy.

It shows me that being Entrepreneur has different reasons. And it doesn’t matter how your circumstances are. There is no perfect timing to start or have your business.

What was so special what fascinates me that much?

Well there are quite a few things what really fascinates me about that path which he choose. For this what I know how many times he failed in his life (different reasons) and he was always confident enough to start over again.

The other reason is that my mom helped him out working at that Repair Shop part time besides her full time Kindergarden Job. – Love makes it happen – .

My sister and I had the best Childhood what we could ever ask for.

What I try to say is – If your choice falls to the Entrepreneurial side I can promise that you are able to receive greatness. You are able to receive greater things than just the options as an regular employee.


For your understanding. All of those memories are just as specific as I can remember. And my Story should show you my way of getting into the Entrepreneurship.

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