The Key Is To Change Your Mindset

From an Loyal Employee to an ongoing Entrepreneur


It started with education. Yes education. But it’s not like you would think. I was working for a small repair Shop. I was interested and set my goal for being the Shop Manager. And again – the reason for this set of that kind of a goal was simple just money.

I made some calculations: How could I afford a livening by my own in Munich. The yearly average income for an Automotive Technician in Munich is about 30.000 Euro Gross (21.000 Euro net).

A small Apartment by your own in or around cost in average 10.800 Euro. I wanted a car at this time when I started working. Average cost for {having} a car is about 6.000 Euro (included Insurance, Fuel and eventually repair work). Private retirement plan, food and other expenses was at this time at 3.000 Euro. A Vacation in the summer will cost 1.000 Euro for about 2 weeks.


= 21.000

=200 Euro

With all my respect. This is ridiculous. Yes, I know I don’t have to go on vacation and yes, I don’t need a car. Sure. But I want to enjoy life with freedom and I want to go anywhere independently. It doesn’t help me that in Germany 24 days are paid vacation if I am not able to use it how I want to. So I was dependent on my Employer.

What kept me working for him?

Honestly? Excuses. No that’s not right either. I will explain the “true” story about me little bit later. But basically, I needed money and being an Entrepreneur, you have to have a certain Certification and degree to do so. That means starting an Dual-Apprenticeship with a length of 3.5 years. I was able to short that time to 6 Months which means I just took me 3 years. I honestly wasn’t into being in an apprenticeship but my Mom pushed me in that way “get into the world of working”. I need to say:

– Thank You Mom! I wouldn’t be there with all what I have now. –

My personality was always very persistent and ambitious. I always wanted to be the best or the fastest one. So that made it possible to start getting interested being a Technician and be the best in Class and learn as fast as I could to get promotions. Within the first 1.5 years I got promoted be the Lead Technician (Usually, you’ll need to work at least 2 years AFTER graduation of the apprenticeship)

While being in the last year of my school I started serious thinking about doing my Master Technician Certification. (Average age about 35 years old) at that point I was 17 and about to graduate. Starting a Shop in Germany requires that Certification/Degree.  After arguing with my Boss, I decided doing everything on evening School and on the weekends as well.

Alright, I signed up and cost me about 8.000 Euro.

For 2 years > School an Weekends 8 hours, School after work 4 hours during weekdays, working regular 8 hours a day plus overtime to be able paying that school off. <

I went through hell just to be able to open 3 doors (1. Open a Shop, 2. Get Hired as a Master Technician or 3. Eligible going to College).

Well, now what happened? Right after doing the classes and all that overwhelming educational stuff, I said ok 2 options left. I don’t want to get hired I want to be my own boss. BUT money was still an issue. I got a Loan and guess what.

Don’t be lazy, It gets messy!

I was lazy and wasn’t ready in my mind for being an Entrepreneur. I knew everything how to manage everything and anything. But being confident to reach out to people and talk seriously about what my plan was failed. Of course, 6 Months later I had to get a Job because I had debt and no success being self-employed. Now I stuck with debt and no money at home with an age of 21.

So, what kept me working for my ex-Boss? – Thanks, of him I was able to finance my will going to school to be prepared being my own Boss

My Message to you!

My massage to you guys. Being an Employee especially at the beginning in your career is a good opportunity to learn being interested in self education. Learn everything how it works to manage your skills. You always need at the beginning an inspirational reason to stay ambition enough.

Be thankful for every lesson what you’ll learn at your Job.

If you start a business. Do it next to your Job and learn to do simple steps. Your Boss won’t notice it. Until your big enough.


Be Confident!


Tell me what you think and write it in the comments down below. Share this post If you think someone should read it. Thank you for your time!


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