Mindset: Help other people

When you are going to school for Business related Topics. Everybody is telling and teaching you how to increase your your yearly prices and so your income as well.


Money is the most common reason for being an “Entrepreneur

Yes. It is about money and yes everybody knows you are not able to pay off your house with potatoes or apples (In most cases). so we have to earn money instead. Many Jobs are underpaid which also means some people getting creative of getting a second income stream. Some are legal and some are illegal. And most likely the illegal way is to harm people and rip them off. So I am going to focus more on the legal way.


The number one reason for small business Owners is to make more money.  We’ll talk about the successful Entrepreneurs later on. The benefit of being completely in charge for your finances is that you can direct the path of growing your income. You don’t have to ask someone if you are able to get a 50 Cent raise. you don’t have to proof for 6 months or longer that you are ready for your ONE Dollar raise. And my favorite is: You don’t have to work 5 years +  to climb your career ladder up.

Those are the Upsides of being your own Boss. Of course there are many downsides as well. No doubt – and I don’t want to lie neither. But for the majority of people who are willing to start speak for themselves that their are willing to leave the comfort zone behind.


Time is another common reason for being Independent.

To be honest. Who has not these kind of thoughts : I wish I could book me a flight right now and fly somewhere else to have some changes in my daily life. Yes the majority of people. At least I think it’s the majority. As an Entrepreneur,  basically you ARE able to do so. You can schedule your time how you want to. You can come too late nobody is yelling at you. if you want to take vacation? Sure, book a flight and take your vacation.

BUT – Fresh-backed Entrepreneurs won’t take that advantage. Why? especially at the beginning phase of 3 years it’ll be important to establish their business. Therefore : Time is money -” Time you spend without focusing on your business is a loss of possibility to make money.”  In example: Instead of using your money to book a flight and a hotel rent a car and enjoy the sun and the beach, you could use that money for creating a marketing campaign and therefore gain your amount of potential customers ( I exclude Travel Bloggers and Freelancers – they are able to travel because either their office is online or the “Job” is just to travel.).


Help others is unfortunately the minority of Business starters


My opinion of being successful in starting a business is quite simple. Help others only if you want truly help your customers. you’ll receive the right response.

Some examples of very successful Enterprises. Facebook wanted to connect people, Google wanted to make researching easier, Microsoft wanted to make computers affordable, Apple wanted to make highly designed computers affordable, Mercedes-Benz and Ford wanted to make everybody mobile with also affordable prices.

AS you can see. The main reason of those huge History changing companies were the Will to help other people and try to make their life easier than before.


My advice

When I took my classes for starting and having a business the main education was just about the money part, which makes sense. Don’t get me wrong but you are much more successful when your purpose of being an Entrepreneur is: Helping people or  giving people something what they’ll need.

Don’t be a typical Sales-guy who wants to sell anything and everything just to get paid as much as he can. make your customers happy. The happier they are the more likely refer to their friends your service.

Be Honest And Make Your Service Or Product Special.


Let me know what your think about it. Share it if you want to let others know who needs a different point of view. And of course I’ll appreciate a thumb up to let me know that I am helpful for others. Every start is not easy and that is my new start

Thank you for reading guys


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