What Defines Success

IMG_3717Many people miss understand the word success with the symbol of Success.

What does your Success define?

Everybody is defining Success as followed ” A ton of money, a huge house ,and a dozen cars and travel when and where I want to go is Success”. If you truly think about it. You’ll start realizing that is just a part of being successful.

Once again: What Defines Success?

I would say and please let me know if I am wrong. But Success is actually something that everybody is able to achieve. Success broken down are just little tiny pieces which you combine to a better and bigger success piece.

In Example: Reading. Yes, I know reading is lame but take a look at that story behind achieve reading.

Karl Benz( founder of Mercedes-Benz). He passed his Highschool and just because of his mother he received back then good formal education. His success in Business was that he learned reading. If he couldn’t read or he didn’t understand the reason for reading, he would never be able to get this kind of education.

He went to Top University in Germany and was very good in learning and being interested in new education. But his first focus was not relevant to his main “success”. Locksmithing and Automotive are quite far away apart. So he realized he wants to change his major. He said “I want to follow my dad’s footsteps” He dropped the Top University and went to a different University in Germany. Major was Locomotive Engineering. He was ambitious to achieve a certain success step for his career. He passed his exam at the age of just 19. After a couple years he started being innovative and formed some sort of a vision of horseless carrier. The Story doesn’t end but my favorite part of Success is already written down.

You probably thought I show an example which some dropped Highschool, but no I choose him to show something important.

The importance of success is not the Black/White definition of Success. Of course, having a big house and multiple cars and being able to travel at any time is being successful. The fortunate truth is that achieving small personal goals is already The Success. Something that makes you proud of yourself because you passed your pre set goal.

The Definition is changing a bad habit…

into a good habit which will benefit you in any possible way.

If you are used to having difficulties with waking up earlier than you have to. Try to see it from a different angle. If you prepared your clothing before you go to bed. Guess what. You wake up at the same time and you have time without rushing out of bed. A first habit which allows you to be calmed in the morning and gives you time to wake up slowly and enjoy. We can strengthen your wake up procedure if you go an hour earlier to bed as usual and in addition make yourself a task list what you need to achieve on the next day.  This habit will help you to forget in the morning your thoughts of “must-to-do-things”. Try to spend attention how your morning looks like and how your day will turn out in relation how your morning was. You’ll be surprised.

Why do I point to good habits?

It’s because of your discipline. Successful Entrepreneurs. All of them have something in common. If it’s Karl Benz, Mark Zuckerberg, Jay Shetty, Prince Ea, Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Each one of them had some sort of self-discipline. They created good habits to reach a more efficiency rate during the day. Because everybody has just 24 hours a day. No exceptions!

Manage your time with your own discipline and you will see how your success will come, starting with baby steps.

If you don’t enjoy the progress maybe you shouldn’t be dreaming about a different lifestyle. Don’t you think?

Drop a comment down below what you think. Am I wrong with my point of view? Do I see not the full picture? I’ll appreciate a Like if you’d agree. and If you like that Post would be much better for your friends who should’ve read this as well. Thank you for your time. Happy Start the new week.

Much Love


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