First Post As An Introduction

Hi there!

This Post is supposed to be the real first step to tell you about my path to Success. Before I am going to tell you what I do for it or what my plans are, I’ll tell you my story how it actually started to be interested in the “entrepreneurial world” and why I choose to be a part of that society.

First of. My name is Niclas and I am 25 years old. I was born in Munich, Germany and live in the San Francisco Bay Area since Beginning of 2018. I got hired by a Chemical Company which taught me some really good attitudes in terms of thinking on an entrepreneurial level. The Change of your mindset from making the profit to truly helping the clients and creating the actual Win/Win or no Deal principle. Since December 2016 I am used to living in the United States. I left family and friends behind just to able to start out fresh.

Every Sunday I am going to upload a new post about my thoughts, doubts, feelings, business updates or just an insight of my past life to visualize how it actually is to be an Entrepreneur. The goal for myself is to keep it much authentic as possible. That also means I will speak out some Statements on how I understood them to those certain circumstances and how they impacted my way of thinking.

Overall – The reason being for choosing the Entrepreneurship is the possibility.

Why do I share this with the internet? – This is a very fair question. and to be honest?… There are a couple things why I finally convinced myself to do that.

  • I was used to be an introvert who was shy about talking to other people regards business, starting out as an entrepreneur, being confident about what I am going to accomplish and talking to women. Yes – it played a big role in my life.
  • I couldn’t find anybody who felt the same. I re-phrase it for you… I couldn’t find anybody who told the truth about “how you will feel” and what it really takes to get “truly” successful.
  • I was blind and had a strong belief into a “Mentorship-Program”. I got tricked by what they said and therefore sold to me and who they structured the Image of Success.
  • I want to support other Kids and young people they might feel the same or even have had worse experiences in their lives.
    All I can say for everybody – “You can handle the world. Stay focused and keep it out to get that whatever you want”

I will talk about all those things more in detail in the upcoming posts. Don’t miss out on the story and follow me on on Social Media to be updated when the next Blog post will be published. Let me know about your thoughts and drop a comment with ideas or even improvement suggestions and I will try to implement those for the next Posts.

See you soon 🙌🙃

Keep going – the world keeps turning



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