6 Easy ways – How to find out what to do after graduating from Highschool

The important question before you are about to graduate Highschool


I think it is very difficult to think what we are truly want to do in our life. So, therefore, we ask ourselves what should I pursue careerwise. We think there are soo many options and possibilities to choose from. If you really think about it is that just a myth.

Not everybody is willing to be an entrepreneur. So is not everybody meant to be an employee. Not everybody wants to travel. And the list goes on and on. What every Highschool student should do as soon as they get into Highschool what their hobbies are… and they should get support from their parents as well to give them the right amount of confidence. I grew up where I had the chance to follow my passion but I didn’t because my biggest influence ( at that time my “friends”) just usually said you should leave that behind and focus on a real goal. A goal which is reachable for everybody and safe for your retirement. My Highschool was praising that Statement probably Hundreds of thousands of times. Until everybody is sucked into that way of thinking.

Now 10 years later I feel a slight pain of lack of confidence back then. I should listen to my Dad or my Mom to pursue the Hobby which can turn into a wonderful career path. If you think about. Hamilton started racing as a kid. So did Schumacher. Or other Sportstars. Go away from the sport and go into Entertainment. King Bach or Beyonce. They all started early to follow their true passion and focused on ” How do I make this work” instead of figuring out what they want to do.

Might somebody would say – I am neither a sports guy nor a creative person. I just like follow a fixed path

Alright fair enough! This is basically what I started off. Like I said prior there was my chance to follow that way but I decided to cut it out of my options. And here comes why I am still convinced that Highschool is necessary to find each individuals path.

Go from the very bottom and ask yourself what is your favorite subject in school? is it Math? Or is it  Physics? Or Let’s do Biology. It has to be something where you feel very comfortable to learn about it every day without losing the interest on it. You might say “Well I like Literature – there isn’t a Job for that Subject.” Again very fair question. Since you figured out that Literature is your favorite you are willing to dig into that topic. I don’t have an answer what you could do with Literature but I know that just from reading and writing many people got hired to either proofread certain documents, writing a book or copywriting for enterprises or even start Blogging as I do at the time.

Writing a book or being a proofreader for Book publisher and the list goes on and on. Once again, doing what you love is very important. You commit to it until you are ready to retire. 50 years of that work is a long a** time.

  • Figure out what Hobby you like
  • Figure out what possibilities your Hobby can offer
  • Think about your favorite Subject in school
  • Do you have an idol or a Hero you would like to be as him/her?
  • Be so educated about that topic that you are able to win each single argument
  • Do your research wisely and proof every statement( i.e. don’t just trust Wikipedia or just one Forum/Blog)

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