Why do we start something and just stop doing

As you can see my Posts weren’t very consistent at the beginning and I almost regret I stopped working on it for almost half of a year. My Co-worker and friend started in April going to the gym to get fit and stay healthy. One day we had a cup of coffee at his house down in Los Gatos and we were talking about habits and what it causes that laziness. One thing brought me to think about it on a serious level. “I have so much Energy and I feel great. I don’t know why people are so lazy all the time including myself! In fact, I will continue to go to the gym every day for up to an hour.” He said.

I would say it last about 14-20 days and his everyday visits went from every day to every other day to every third day, in the end, he went once a week and ended up with not going anymore after 30-40 days. I tried to motivate him with his own words he told me in after the first week of his energetic feelings. It didn’t work and I just stopped asking about it because I was lacking being active as well.

Even if we feel great and see the positive results we’ll stop doing

The same year’s summer I went to Las Vegas and visited my family. And we spent some time at the Red Rock Casino and had a couple of cocktails at the pool and just had a great time. I have seen some beautiful women and I’ve started regret my laziness at the beginning of the year through the summer. And I had to think about my friend’s comment he mentioned.”… I don’t know why people are so lazy all the time….even if I feel great being active…” What made me decide to stop continue my workout. Why did I decide to relax on the couch instead of going to the gym? I knew the Summer is coming as every year and I don’t want to be embarrassed. And at that point, I started to realize why we do stop doing things.

We’ve set the wrong priorities and pursue the wrong goal


Let me explain my point of view. Of course, It won’t apply to everybody but in all cases, I’ve taken notes from, was it the same principle. We let someone else decide what we want. Let me give you some examples from myself and friends I know of.

We all see those Social Media Posts where the “perfect” body, the “perfect” life or the “perfect” family occurs and compare that “perfect” with our very Situation. I’ve seen Tai Lopez’s Social Media profiles, The Kylie Jenna’s Instagram and the list goes on and on. We got so used to think ” One day I want to be like so and so”. As a Kid, you say that a lot of times but the fact is “So and So” had first of a different era where he/she grew up. And because it’s not enough, So and So has different opportunities than you do.

We need to figure out how we would like to live our life and need to educate ourselves what it will take in return to live like it.

  • Movie Industry – Creating video/Photo content NON-STOP
  • Music Industry – Attending to NON-PAYED gigs
  • Art Industry – Painting and give FREE Art products to spread the Word
  • Travel Industry – You HAVE TO SPEND money in Order to introduce you to Hotels, Airlines, Resorts etc.
  • Social Media Industry – Whether you do lifestyle, tech, beauty or educational channels creating and connecting with like-minded people ALL-THE-TIME

We only see the results. She is traveling every month for a week, He is driving a RolceRoyes and has an Aston Martin in the Garage, That family lives in Newport Beach and both of them are Entrepreneurs and we barely see them working. And that is the Point where our imagination just stops.

Work for your goa, think what you’d like to do for a living and inform yourself what you need to do. You’ll figure out very soon whether you like it or you decided to look for something else.

It’s not about becoming someone similar you know of. It is about becoming the dream version of yourself.

What do you think about it? Let others and myself know what you think about that Topic and comment down below. If you liked that post hit the like button and share that post with someone who suffers on staying focused on their goals.

I’ll see you next post 🙃😏


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