Does Success mean you have a lot of Money

Recently, I was involved in an interesting conversation about money and how close or far related it is to succeed. And the overall measurement with Money and Success.

So, is money really important to have success or being successful and can you say that money is equal to success? ( Meaning the highly successful person is also the richest person on earth?)

Let’s start off with the becoming successful

Since I started getting into Entrepreneurship. Also going to school for it and learning multiple ways to launch a business. But one Factor never changed. Money. For what I’ve learned what my Dad and other Family members taught and also what other Mentors told about there story. The Factor money was the only thing which did not vary from each others story. And please read carefully. Because that’s just my opinion on it.
Money is necessary to make more Money.

The reason for reading carefully is that people assume I mean you physically have to have the money in your bank account. But the truth is that you don’t have to have it in your ownership. Someone has to have the money to start your business. Either yourself or some kind of a sponsor/investor who believes in you and your product/service. However, Money is necessary to launch it.

Money as the measurement for success

A couple months ago I had a different point of view regards being successful, being famous and having money.
Back then I expressed my thoughts that way :
Money = Famous (depending if that person wants to be seen) = Success
After reading certain self-development books and talking to successful entrepreneurs here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve learned that money can come with success but is not guaranteed attached to success.

Therefore my way of thought is like this ( if you don’t have the money at the first place)

Success => Creates opportunities to make money => Gain Money => Success with Money Management => Be helpful and give back and your doors to being ( Famous ) are open.

Why does Success come without money?

It took me quite a time to fully understand ” Success
Success comes in different ways on different levels. ( Financial-wise, Business-wise, Personal-wise, Educational-wise, Relationship-wise, etc). Which basically means it only gives you opportunities to make money in some circumstances. You can have an awesome success in school, leading a charity etc. But It won’t make you rich.

Gain Money and its Management

Gaining/Earning money with your success is a tough thing which is still relatively easy to establish.  But it already takes time and effort to achieve that. where already a high amount of people gave up.
Money Management is even tougher. And here starts to separate those people from being gaining money equally to their success. Money Management is very important and hardly anybody is actually seeing that important factor of being Rich and Successful.
Only if you are educated enough and willing to invest in the right opportunities which makes you capable to gain the money you’ve earned and multiply it by your success.
Famous is a different complex topic which I hardly want to dive into but I can say a couple things about it. Being famous has nothing to do how much money you’ve earned or how successful you were. ( i.e. An individual creates a huge accident and creates huge damage. The person is screaming certain things racism related and is saying against the President. Well, He/She got famous and is in the news and now he/she is known for that incident. – Is now in prison and has no money at all).
But there are also ways to combine the trio of Fame/Success/Wealth. Just to have a simple example. Instagram Model is investing time and money to create content for her/his followers and therefore gaining followers. After a certain amount of followers Brands are willing to pay money to make more content, therefore, more follower and there you go he or she has Success = Famous => Creates opportunities to make money => And here is the Money Management factor again.

Focus on Success

My tip for everybody who is interested in getting rich or famous.
Work on your own Success reflects your success to money making opportunities and then educate yourself what you’ll do with the money you’ve earned wisely to achieve even better results. And think about giving Value.

Do you agree with me? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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