What are the best ways to stay motivated?

This week was a very rainy and almost depressing week… Everybody was in the mood of ” I’d like to watch a movie” or ” Oh my god! I don’t even want to leave the bed, it’s rainy anyways there’s nothing to do at all.” And yes I get it… I am in a typical love-hate-relationship with my bed. Which is ok!

BUT there is a huge problem with staying in or not leaving the house. The problem is that you set back your goals for your comfort of a circumstance you are not able to control. You are about to Pause your dream because of the rain or other things that made you stay at home.  Are you ok with that decision?!

What makes me keep doing something I don’t feel like doing at the very moment?

There was a motivational speaker, unfortunately, I forgot who it actually was, He said – “Entrepreneurs do what other people don’t want to do!” If you reflect that sentence to yourself. “Do those things other people wouldn’t do at the moment”.
Every single time I notice that I fall back to the old pattern: Being lazy, not motivated to workout, etc.. I remember his words…

Do What Others Don’t Wanna Do

The downside on it is that Motivation will not always be attached to your actions. So I found an additional way to definitely get the motivation back. And the magic word is Progression. There is nothing better than physically see the progress you’ve made while you felt “lazy”. Take advantage of your last time being lazy and document your progress on that day. After a while, you will get addicted to the progress where you’ll fall in love with.

Fall in love with your progress and attach that feeling to your laziness

I doubted on that process but I was open-minded and tried it out a couple times. And I need to say it really works out really well. Since then, I have 2 thoughts they kick in as soon as I start thinking a wonderful my bed is.

Meaning of: Forget how many steps you’ve already taken

The meaning is that you might create or generate a different thought after a while. The thought of the desire of taking a break because you deserve it.

Check out my Blog Post Which explains that you’d think you deserve a time-out.

You did not because as soon as feels like hard work than you are pursuing the wrong set Goal for yourself. Everything you do should feel like a hobby. A hobby you could do day in and out. which basically means that you forget those million steps you’ve already taken and just keep walking torts your dream goal.

You should keep one thing in mind:

You always get as far as you are willing to walk… if you sit down you’ll automatically pause your goal… regardless of how bad you want to have your goal achieved… Go for it even if it’s not the best work you’ve done at that day, in that specific hour… but you did something that brought you closer to where you would love to be at some point in your life.

Do you agree with me? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

Niclas 🤙🏼

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