The Habit Of Trying To Get Better

Lately, I had a great conversation with a Business Partner and a good Friend of mine. I was mentioning that I have that “good” habit to be better as of the last time I achieved something. He disagreed with me and said: ” Dude you should be proud of those things you’ve had already accomplished. After all, you’ll risk the possibility of getting depressed or frustrated with not being able to achieve certain things.”

I absorbed his point of view and tried to understand what he actually meant.
Yes, I got frustrated at some points of my career and life. I agree.
Yes, many times a was quite before giving up on certain things I was dreaming about.

What were the results of risking my happiness? – Achievement of greater things I actually had imagined. If I had given up at the first place I could not say I would’ve met my business partner and now a good friend of mine.  I explained to him what I’ve done before we actually met each other. And we came to a conclusion.

Work on yourself from good to better to greater until you are confident about you’re work you’ve done.

Let’s create a visional example of it.

Imagine you have difficulties to talk to strangers/people you don’t know. Business-related or Personal-related. You finally decided to jump in front of your comfort-zone and convinced yourself to talk to them. Good Job! You did well. You did a good Job. If the resonance was pleasant or disappointed.  It was good because you did the first step to see how you do. The downside can be you had such a bad try that you won’t do it anymore because it hurt. I had those bad disappointed experiences as well! Yes, I did and still do get some bad ones.

Turn the downside into your strength

By saying, use that downside to your benefit, means like that. Only if you analyze your results from your previous try, you’ll be able to modify your way.

Fall in Love with the Progress is a different Blog Post of mine where I talk about the falling in love with the progress which will support the habit of achieving better things than good.

What should I avoid eliminate the possibility of Frustration?

Perfectionism is the best friend of the devil in our eyes. Both of us agreed to the statement that perfection is an illusion which does not exist. You can get better and better but “The Perfect” does not work out since every single person has different tastes and different views on the same thing.
We also agreed that the limit you should set is very difficult to tell but I’ll try it.

Be good -> Get better -> Until you are confident enough to say -> I’ve learned something new which makes it better the next time.

Acknowledge the progress of learning instead of the actual work you’ve done.

Do you agree with me? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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