How To Get Rich & Wealthy

Lately, I was quite a bit lazy and dived into Social Media Posts in Instagram and Snapchat(which I rarely use). And What I’ve found was kind of interesting. So many “Mentors” and soo many ways to get rich “overnight” ads. I was laughing about it but of course, there might be some true statements out there. But the myth of getting rich overnight is a nice fantasy you can have, but please do not believe in that. The only real things, they make such things possible is the Lottery and a Testament of a wealthy family member you didn’t know of. Otherwise hard work on yourself is necessary.

“Work hard” matters

By meaning of “Hard Work” is meant, you should have the effort to invest your time to do everything you possibly can do to get to certain Milestones. My “Hard Work” is learning after my daytime job, save money on things I don’t necessarily need, read a ton of things I’ve never heard about and create habits around those new things to live my life after the goal of success. I go out once in a while, and I literally love to grow by educating myself and work on things to learn more and more… I have fun.
I have friends who are almost forcing me to “have fun” (drinking, hanging out, hitting on girls etc…) yeah it’s fun for short term amusement. But It won’t help me to reach my goal to succeed. “Work Hard” does not mean you should skip sleep or food or suffer by physically doing work. Treat your body well and surround yourself with people who understand and do the same as you… have goals and plans and find people who are mature enough to appreciate your ambition and do the same to them.

Reading is essential for growing your knowledge

I need to add that side note that English is my second learned language. That means reading helps me in other aspects as well. But reading will train your mind to think what you’ve just have read.
I hated reading until I turned 20, I’ve learned to appreciate the ability to read. As of my age of 23, I’ve started reading my first Book by myself without anybody’s convincement. At that point, I realized I missed out on a ton of valuable content during my teenage age to become successful, finding my purpose in life and my overall knowledge…

I am still a better learner when I watch an educated video or movie… But The brain will not be forced to think about what you’ve just absorbed. It will penetrate your sub-conscious and will help you to get better and be more concentrated.

It doesn’t have to be a Book

Reading hard copy is a great thing because it’s valuable in form of making notes highlight certain phrases and making some notes on it. So will do it Magazines and Brochures. If we hover over Social Media it gets a little complex… paid Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing is usually attached to the Blogs or Posts which have been made. So if you trust the Social Media World I’d highly suggest to read  5 times more and compare other Statements if you’re interested in the truth. But reading, in general, is a good way to get a better understanding of your needs and will also support your “Train-Brain” effects.

Start with something small and don’t try to read Back-To-Back. Pick your favorite topics at the beginning of the Book/Magazine and pick your favorite Contents. Read those first so you can decide you like the writer’s style of writing and continue.

More Importantly

Be willing to gain knowledge. Be willing to network and connect with like-minded people. Be willing to ask specialists and professionals on their opinion. Collaborate with Partners and show your vulnerability. It will gain trust in a fast safe way. But only you are the one who decides if you want to put all this work into your goals to create your success, Business-wise or Personal-wise.

Do you agree with me? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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