How To Be ​Successful

Today I will write about my thoughts about success and how to get successful in life.

Lately, I had an interesting conversation with a teenager at a Coffee Shop close by. He ( approx. 16ish-17ish) asked me a question because of my appearance. He said: “Excuse me, Sir? May I ask you what you do? You look rich and you talk fulfilled with confidence I want to be as confident as you are but I am going to school.” At first, I was surprised that he called me Sir… I mean I don’t look that old but I  suppressed a smile. He was very polite and he was really curious about what I was doing for a living.

Dress nice so you feel comfortable in it, impress yourself

Yes, I am definitely convinced that you should take care of your appearance. I do NOT say you have to wear brand clothing or expensive things Like Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein. More important is what you do and how you treat your clothing. Have it washed, Iron your button Shirt and have clean shoes and you can appear totally different. I like dress shoes and I like wearing them every day. I like Polo Shirts so I wear them as well. Is it expensive not really? It shows you know what you are doing. And it makes you different compared to others at your age. Mature.

Am I rich because I do look successful – Am I successful??

After I got my coffee I said: “If you really want to know what I do I’d like to know what made you think that I am successful.” He agreed and we sit down.
To describe my appearance: Dress Shoes, Khaki Chinos, Polo Shirt or simple tight sweater and a Jacket from Calvin Klein (Bought 3 years ago). Wrist Watch and a big smile in my face all the time.
So I started to ask to tell me why that question and he responded:

“You just look rich and you have that big smile and talk to the cute Barista as it wouldn’t even care what she’s thinking about you. You look like a Business guy who manages a money-making business.” To tell you the truth I was positively surprised about my appearance and had a smile in my mind because of that thought.
My response was different though: ” Thank you I take that as a big compliment. It took hard work to reach that sort of confidence. Also, I am not rich. I am successful but not rich. And I talk to the Barista because she’s a friend of mine. Do you think that because I look rich I am successful?”

He said yes. And I was surprised at that moment until I started thinking about the actual way of thoughts.

When I was in Highschool and would see someone like me now, I would probably be jealous of my present confidence.

” Success is different than Rich. Not everybody who’s rich is automatically successful and Contra-Verse. I consider myself as successful because of my progress I’ve made within 2 years. Am I rich? No, I do not consider myself as rich. I am going to because of my confidence.”
He was confused and said: ” If you are not rich? How comes that you look like someone who has a ton of money?”. ” Success happens in your mind no matter how rich or poor you are but you are the one who is able to build success in your mind. Do you want to learn how to be successful? ” I responded.

He agreed.

“Successful people do what other people don’t want to do”

He starred at me and said: ” everybody wants to make money?”
I started smiling and agreed to his statement. ” But the majority of people don’t want to change their life for it. Which keeps them where they currently are. I could see his questions in his mind. ” If you are willing to change “bad” things, you are able to get successful and get eventually rich. It simply starts with a smile every morning and brushing your teeth twice a day no matter what circumstances occur.” He says: I do brush my teeth twice a day, except…” I interrupted him: … exactly, expect is that little thing that makes you average instead of successful. Exceptions are excuses.

Study successful people and follow their day plan: wake up earlier than your friends, do researches on opportunities, accept who you are, and don’t really care what others will think about you… because the average will not understand what you are going to do.

Do your homework in school on the same day. You’ll have more time for yourself when your home while others do their homework. Even though you don’t like it. You have to go and see that as an opportunity which I threw away.


Do what nerds do in school. Do what Millionaires do who had built an empire. Do others a favor with offering to help them. And don’t expect a return.

Success comes by giving first.

What do you think? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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