How to get what​​ you want in life

Today, I am writing about the power of your imagination to get that what you always dreamed of.

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives – Prince Ea

While I was brand new in the United States and nothing worked out as I was hoping it would. I fell in depression and was about to give up. I remember that night standing at the Fisherman’s Wharf and looked to the Horizon and spoke to myself.

“What were you thinking? You owe a German bank a few thousand Euros. You didn’t plan anything to avoid that exact that situation. You left a safe Job with good pay and career opportunities. Your girlfriend is in Germany and spent all of her money to see you twice in a row and you are broke now in the US with the lowest paycheck possible. What am I doing here?”

To remember that scenario is weird because it felt like a movie just that the specific moment last around 3 hours. And the same questions occur, over and over again.

All for a sudden I reminded myself for that one Video that made me decide to leave.
That Video made me take action instead of thinking.

Prince Ea – Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Immediately I pulled out my phone and headphones and looked for that Video. I watched it and all those emotions, thoughts and reasons came back into my head. I knew why I was here. I knew where I want to be. I noticed what I’ve accomplished within 5 months in the United States. The fall back that certain things aren’t that easy was now obvious. The Landlord handed the 60-Days-Notice over. I couldn’t afford an apartment because of the Lack of the Credit Score, Wasn’t able to get a Credit Card because of my missing Credit History. No Money. No family. Friends are in Germany. I had no clue How I am gonna proceed my plan to stay here for at least 1 year. But my emotions transferred from being sad and alone to motivated and look for options.

If you see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand – Steve Harvey

Since that night I committed to a new habit. Watch One YouTube Motivation Video per day. I watched a ton of Motivational and Inspirational Videos to support my enthusiasm. In one of those Videos, Steve Harvey said: “If you see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands.” Those words reminded me on a Movie I’ve seen when I was 14 years old.

The Secret was written by Rhonda Byrne

The law of attraction was explained really well. I mean I was 14 and did not fully understood what they were actually talking about. The one thing I remembered was. You have to visualize your dreams to make them become true.

Putting all my different pieces of thoughts together

I started realizing Prince Ea helped me with taking the actual action. While the Secret showed me to I have to visualize my dream. The part I forgot about was the ‘KINDA’ Prince Ea mentioned.

My words were I’ll be in California at the age of 24. What I would do, Where in California I would live, What I would do here In Cali? Well, all those questions where still open. I failed by not planning or thinking more specific about I would pursue here.

The set goals I’ve set were achieved ( Learning English, get to know the US System, observe how people are compared to the Germans I know of and live at least 1 year in the US. ) To be honest, those where the minimum requirements I had to achieve. I was afraid to get disappointed how the way Americans live. You rarely find standardizations and other things.

To avoid the potential disappointment I set low-key-goals and no expectations. Which I received. My point is. I had it in my head for years to live here I had it in my head that I’d speak amazingly English. Now, I can hold in “my hand”.

Follow those Rules to get there where ever you want to be

  • Create The Vision” Have a Vision where you want to be (the more specific the better the closer the results)
  • Do Your Research” After knowing how you would love to live. It’s time to educate yourself what possibilities you actually have.
  • Don’t Trust A Single Source” If you see a negative Statement which will stand against your vision, get motivated to do more research. You’ll be surprised what the actual truth is behind their statement. On the other hand, If you see a positive Statement which stands pro your vision, don’t be naive and be more interested if that is actually true to avoid disappointments afterward.
  • Create Your Master-Plan” Your night dream is called dream because you actually don’t do anything except looking at your vision. Create the plan to transfer that word dream into your goal. Most important: Be realistic! Don’t say “I’ll be a billionaire by selling cookies while I sleep.” That Statement can be true as long as you can find ways to sell cookies while you sleep. But you have to work for your set goal.
  • Time Is Your Choice” If you’d like you can tell your dog or cat that you don’t have time for it. That phrase is a common obstacle to turn your goal back into a dream. Start small make up 5 min every day for at least 63 days. (Habits will be created by doing things for at least 21 days on a regular basis, and to firm your new habit with an additional 42 days).
  • Be Committed To Your Decisions” My biggest flaw was thinking automatically about Plan B (different goal). Don’t do the same and read out loud those following words.
    My goal is that goal I am going to achieve. If the Path A doesn’t work I will use Path B to get closer to my goal. I always will move torts that goal until I hold it in my hands.
  • Consistency Is The Key To Success” If you commit to your decision then you need to stick to it. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by girls or guys and don’t get distracted by comparing yourself to others. Don’t overthink other possibilities. Remember those Rule of thumb: ” You only have 100% of attention-points to invest. It’s up to you:
    1 idea = 100% or 10 ideas = 10%
  • Document Your Progress And Fall In Love” Once you caught the first couple victories and recognize you got ahead within your plan. You start feeling even more motivated. Fall in love with that progress and create an addiction to that feeling. One of the few addictions which are actually helping you to get ahead.


Share that post with someone who could find use with those words. A special Thank you for Prince Ea to made me take action. And take over life and change from avoiding failure to embracing change.

Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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