How to reach your goals when you lost your thrive

Today’s Post will be focusing on the thrive you need to achieve your set goals. Even when you lost your motivation or inspiration. It will be a simple task for you and doesn’t take as much time. I promise.

How can I stay motivated 24/7

The bad news first. Nobody has motivation 24/7 and everybody has their ups and downs.
The good news. Even the most successful business people made it where they are at the moment because of one thing they did differently than the rest of people.


You’re probably either disappointed I haven’t revealed some magic tricks or you are glad I mentioned that you’re now at the same boat as the most successful men and women🙃.
It took me actually a long time to fully understand the true meaning of self-discipline. Many people interpret it as followed: Work hard, Have no breaks, Disconnect with friends, Skip lunch, Go to bed late and wake up early to grind, etc… This unreal truth got invented by the working class by the Middle-Class. The functionality was meant to motivate the workers to work more to get more money while their boss got even better results by paying less afterward.

The truth is definitely healthier and attached to fun and happiness.

See Self-Discipline as your game and enjoy the results.

Everybody knows Monopoly ( Monopoly by Hasbro ). In case you haven’t heard about the board game, here the quick instruction. Every player gets the same amount of money and everybody starts from the same start point. You basically need to find a strategy to buy certain properties for good dividends and create cash flow to eliminate the other players.

The more money you earn the more fun you have to play harder and risk more money because your returns will go up eventually.

However, that game is an actual exercise to be focused on your strategy. Set your goals but don’t lack on patience it will hurt you in the long run. The game at the beginning seems boring since you are not able to buy everything you’d like to purchase. Reflect that pattern to your goals and you eventually can see the common connection.

So how do I stay motivated?

To be honest the motivation is just an emotion you feel while you have a great idea. Or the emotion you have if something pays off after hard work. I was looking for motivation, inspiration and asked myself the same question over and over again. After a week or two, I lost the “motivation” and lack immediately on self-discipline. And that is your Motivator.

The consistency and self-discipline to set minimums. required tasks to accomplish, create a plan you have to follow. And see your progress as a game to create that fun momentum.

Those are things you should plan and be disciplined about it

  • Exercise” It is important to be physically and mentally active. It is even ok to just have a 15 min walk around the block or something similar. Read Blogs, pick a Magazine and read. Important is to fully enjoy it.
  • Early Bedtime” Go to bed early. Your productivity has dropped at night by almost 75%… you’ll do mistakes which causes a waste of your time in the next couple of days.
  • Little Things, Huge Impacts” Add little changes of your daily routine to get used to having new habits. I.e. drink a glass of water every morning right after waking up, read your daily goals or when you brush your teeth smile 15 sec. Just do it.
  • A Day to Plan” Plan your week. you don’t believe how big of an impact that will have for your productivity. Btw that’s my biggest challenge. I am too lazy to pick one day and sit down for 15 min to plan my week. It doesn’t really take as long.
  • Learn every day” Grant Cardone had an extreme technique to learn. He mentioned he learned while driving a car with audio books, at home regular books, and at work from people he was interested in what they were doing. Every day for a couple years. You don’t have to do the same, perhaps start little.
  • Start Big, Fail Big” You are about taking a huge risk to fail if you start something to fast. Let me explain: You want to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, You decide going to the Gym every day for 3 hours and You adjust your nutrition plan. And sign up for an event competition in 9 Months. Some of you might be the perfect fit for that kind of a change. Big changes aren’t the best choice for us humans. we adjust our life by time. Do one step at a time and continue to adjust and change.
  • Ask Questions” If you are concerned about anything related to your goals. Ask different people. to get more point of views to evaluate certain things. NEVER EVER trust one source of information. ( I don’t say don’t trust your family or your friends. The fact that you can not check where they got the information from. So they tell you the truth but somebody else lied to them)
  • Don’t Try, Just Do” As soon as you say. ” I try this out” You automatically sign up for the failure, accept that and quit. Do it and know you will fail. Look forward to the first couple fails, because that will be the biggest chance to improve your results massively.

Share your thoughts with me and others. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our community to get better content. Thank you for reading and enjoying today’s Blog Post 🙃🙌


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