How To Build Motivational Habits

I got asked recently: ” How the heck do you keep always that motivated?”. My first answer was basically: ” I have no idea.”

The truth is I gave it some serious thought and I will tell you how I stay motivated.

The easiest form of Motivation

The easiest form of motivation is more or less the habits I created. Even I started small with little changes through my daily life. But the very first step is to create yourself the Golden rule to change.

If you are not willing to accept new changes you already suck and fail

When I had to choose going back home or to another City close to San Francisco, I had a really bad time to decide. I was separated from my family and girlfriend I was dating for almost 4 years. Or talking 1 Job where I could learn to sell. San Francisco living is expensive and I barely had money which allowed me to take just one shot.

Flight Back To Germany (Back to Family and my Love) OR Move close to San Francisco (Away from everything I was able to meet in Monterey).

And I decided to move to SF. I wanted to change. I felt I needed to learn. I knew I would fall back into my old life once I arrived back home. I always looked for new things and I was scared which made me decide against that I actually wanted.

Commit to change and appreciate changes

I was able to meet so many new people across the country. I was able to compare others to others. What was the difference to people who were successful and people who are just dreaming about certain things? Why not taking action?

…Because we are afraid of changes. Changes which could make us uncomfortable and unhappy.

For me, it was the opposite. I was unhappy with my situation and I knew I can end the entire nightmare and go back to my old life. The only error I would have face is growth. I had to take the risk go somewhere where nobody can “save” me. Nobody who could say hey I got this for you. Or let me do this for you.

I committed to change.  You must commit to change.

Commitment -> Change -> Appreciate Changes ( Good and Bad ) -> Analyze -> eliminate Bad decisions -> Continue

Whether you choose to change or not – World is changing, so should you

When I started out my US Journey. I had to commit to change. Coming from Europe was quite a big hit in my face. 🤣 The fact that I knew it’s gonna be different made it not really more comfortable.

Even people and friends made some nice bets for how long I will make it in the US. Luckily I got to know about those bets after my feeling depressed moments.

Motivate to be Motivated

I only had one friend in Monterey I’ve met at my Job where I started out. I saw his potential as a musician but he wouldn’t pursue anything. So I did start to motivate him and encouraged him to do a couple of things online to reach people with his music. I felt the same way with my Hookah idea. The point is because of my desire to motivate him. I motivated myself to do my thing as well. I didn’t realize it until a couple of books and some documentaries later.

Things that keep you motivated

  • Motivate others
  • Love change
  • Change always shows you the right way
  • Set one thing that needs to be changed – Accomplish it
  • Use your weakness to improve yourself
  • Have one specific Goal (Non-materialistic)
  • Smile whenever you can


Do you agree with me? Let others know what’s on your mind on that. If you would like to hear more? Leave a comment to help our readers to get better content. I’d love to get to know your thoughts on that 🙃🙌

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