Your Simple Start

Do you know the feeling of wanting to start a specific project in your life and you just can’t start? That feeling of not knowing where or when to start? Luckily you are not the only one.

Entrepreneurship is more than just a title. Starting a company in a different country with a different language makes everything more complicated and easy at the same time. Honestly, that is not even the actual problem I have. Are you able to see where this here will go?

Confused, overwhelmed, Entrepreneur, Business Onwer, Self Improvement
Thousands of Thoughts, Projects and Commitments where we might lose track on our progress

Start Somewhere

I started my Company in March and I was full of enthusiasm and ambition. I’ve planned everything and I was pretty much attached to my plan, no matter what will happen. Several weeks passed by while my day-job became more stressful, I’ve started seeking for more rest than more work for my own company and I might think I could call myself overwhelmed. I am not sure what exactly happened since that process took several months. Today is July and I got to the point where I didn’t do anything for my Company for more than a week.
My conclusion became clear as of my conversation with a friend who is about to get into Entrepreneurship as well and I realized I had to go back and continue where I’ve left it off.
So now I am back and write this blog to pick up the old habits.
My only thought I had in my mind was “Just START somewhere!!”

Begin With Your Planning

So the very first task I did was writing my one goal down on a piece of paper.
My goal was simply to find my very first client. Yeah I know, sounds funny and easy and I even think it is but before I started I wasn’t completely certain where to start.
Now, I had to drill through every step I have to accomplish to be able to get the first client. Starting with, the talk to the leads to the website and the actual Ad-Campaigns. Each topic has Sub-Tasks which shows what I have to complete for accomplishing the full task.
After the Drill-Through-Method, I could see where to start and this helped me a lot.

If you could see my whiteboard at the moment, you would be surprised how far I trickled it down.

Begin with ONE Goal

Number One thing you have to Focus on
Have ONE Project only. Do not try to multitask​​ because ​Quality and Efficiency​​ will lack.

In the beginning, I almost recommend having just one big project in your mind and everything else will come and fall in place.
So write down what the project goal might look like, and write down the steps which have to be accomplished for the bigger goal. Split it as many times as possible to make it clear what you will have to do, to make your goal happen.

How did you start your Big Project? Please let me know maybe I can pick something up from you? Who knows 🙂

3 responses to “Your Simple Start”

  1. Isabella Jaskula Avatar
    Isabella Jaskula

    Freue mich für dich , dass du dir wieder die Zeit nimmst
    Du wirst es schaffen und erfolgreich sein.
    Ich bin stolz auf dich , habe dich lieb 😚❤️
    Habe mich gefreut von dir wieder gelesen zu haben.

    Liked by 1 person

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