5 Great ways to get more support from others

Are you about to start a business? Do you want to start to learn Piano but nobody understands your desire to do that? How about travel somewhere and you haven’t found a friend who wants to do the same? Or more serious, Are you considering taking a loan for something you always wanted to do but nobody agrees with you?
I want to tell you a little bit about the support you are craving for and how to overcome that desire of support from others.


Worried man.jpg
Being Frustrated and worried is normal.We Are Humans!! But make decisions based on facts

1. Eliminate your Emotions


We are human beings who can feel anger, fear, insecurity, vulnerability and so on. We love to procrastinate and push something, we feel uncomfortable with, to the next day or just to a different moment in your life. Start to bypass those emotions, do research, and educate yourself on how to be prepared for some setbacks. For instance, you would love to get a loan to purchase a Piano.
Your Feelings: ” I need to have it because I want to learn to play Piano on a proper Instrument. A simple Keyboard would be the same anyways. Therefore It has to be a good Piano since that would be a long term investment. So that pretty much means, All-In or nothing.”

The Facts: ” If you don’t play Piano at the moment, and just starting out to Play Piano. You rather look for a Second-Hand Keyboard to avoid a potential Setback in your financial life. Look how you actually utilize the Keyboard and if you even like playing Piano on a Regular Basis.”

2. Don’t crave for Someone’s Support

This is very common to lead you to procrastination. We have our family and friends we would love to see them cheering you to go ahead and do what you are about to do. And it hurts to see that some of your closest family members, friends or even Partner does not agree with your desire.
Start to forget about those cravings and go ahead… present it and let them know how far you got. tell them good things and bad things you’ve gone through. But keep it real and based on facts, Lies will neither help you in the long term nor in the short term to look good at the moment.
But be proud of everything you are doing and show it!

Networking Event.jpg

3. Connect with like-minded people

In the beginning, it is probably one of the most difficult steps we need to accomplish to create some momentum. Look for people who are doing the same as you would like to do. Let’s visualize that with an example.
You want to start a business in any niche and you are about to start from scratch. Family and friends do not own a business and were never into Business at all. Depending on your business type( B2B or B2C ), you’ll have to either reach out to other businesses who do something similar as you would like to do or you actually go to your potential clients since they already are business owners. Surround yourself with like-minded people and they most likely will support you.

4. Start

This is the easiest thing to do but we surprisingly totally forget about that part very often. If you’ve checked out the last article I wrote about getting started then you actually can connect the dots together. Here’s my post about getting started. We have to get it started. The only way to convince others is proof that your idea works. Your idea will work as soon as you actually started pursuing it. Otherwise, it will remain an idea and other people will just say: “I told you so” and by the way. That statement shows their happiness for being right about their opinion and not necessarily about your failed try. And “1. Eliminate your Emotions” comes to play its role. Get it going and start committing to your idea and start small. By saying small I mean designate 15 min a day to pursue it. DAILY and EVERY day. You need to build momentum. So, clap in your hands roll up your sleeves and go get them.


Comparison leads people to cancel their trip based on unknown facts.


5. Comparison kills your hope

The last tip is not easy and also requires a lot of Self Control. I almost would say that was the biggest issue I had to admit and undertake that issue. Especially Social Media makes it very difficult for your Self-discipline.
We tend to say:” Yeah his Dad has that Business who could make that possible”, “Of course, her Mom is in that industry and got all those connections”, ” Well his wife’s uncle gave him the capital he needed to get it started”. ” They were born rich”. I think you get the point about making an excuse for somebody because they’ve created the opportunity. We tend to say if we had that luck as they than I had the same sort of success. That is absolutely not true. So please do yourself a favor and compare yourself from yesterday, form last month and last year and see how far you could get closer to your set goals.

Thank you so much for reading that and I appreciate every person who reads my blog. I am learning and constantly improving so if you have any suggestions I could do better please do let me know via comments or on my Social Media Accounts.

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