How to become an Entrepreneur?

We all see those people who put “Entrepreneur” on their Social Media Bio and all of a sudden this Person became an Entrepreneur. I’ve noticed a couple of Memes where that was the case and everybody was laughing about it. By then I removed it and asked myself when should I call myself or somebody else an Entrepreneur.

Entreprenuer Business Owner

Is an Entrepreneur necessarily a Business Owner?

Jason Feifer, Chief Editor of the Entrepreneur Magazine, mentioned once in one of his hosted podcasts that an entrepreneur does not need to have his own company. That person can be working within a company as an employee just to have him solve unexpected problems.

My and others’ perception of entrepreneurs was that they have their own Business. I mean, that person needs to know how taxes work, how marketing works, and not to forget the hiring process. So it has to be a business owner.

The Online Entrepreneur is different, Isn’t It?

I was getting interested in online business since my budget was very light. The Dropshipping Business, Affiliate marketing Business or other Online Business models. I started following different people on different Social Media Platforms. In an example, Online Entrepreneurs and noticed wow there are a lot of “Entrepreneurs” and got insecure about the whole online thing. Of course, I didn’t give up on it and decided to start reading and learn more about online opportunities and bought a couple of courses to learn those skills. I was thinking to need to call myself an Entrepreneur. After a while, I felt comfortable to make it “official” and call myself an Entrepreneur.

The First Step to Overcome the Fearness is to act like that.

I decided to do it officially to get involved in conversations I felt uncomfortable when I say I “wannabe”. Guess what… It didn’t work that way. I felt even more comfortable to say ” I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR”. Congratulations Sir… You not just fooled the person in front of you but also yourself. I need to admit that I was more about the term Entrepreneur than the actual meaning behind it. The Show-off feeling to call yourself an Entrepreneur was just so satisfying.

Misunderstanding the Quote

“Overcome by acting like it”

Face Your Fear.jpg

Honestly, I did not read carefully. “The First Step Of Not Being Afraid Is Acting Like You Are Not Afraid”.

I was imagining about conversations with other entrepreneurs and business owners because I was afraid of talking to people. An introvert problem I would say. But the fear which the quote is referring to is the fear of failure. All I did was caring about the term “Entrepreneur” and not about the business or the challenge I will have to face and solve.

Jason’s Podcasts Problem Solvers and Pessimists Archive makes me feel better about what happened.

One of his episodes, he was talking about entrepreneurship and what an entrepreneur is and why an entrepreneur should become a job title.
All he did was explaining the term of being an entrepreneur within an existing business.
And why CEO’s usually not Entrepreneurs anymore.

Summery how to become a true Entrepreneur

1. Solve problems by finding the most effective solution
2. Don’t call yourself an Entrepreneur
3. Be aware of changes and apply new was to get better

A special thanks to Jason Feifer who is one of my Mentors. Listening and reading from him is very interesting and useful if it comes to personal improvement and business mindset.
If you are interested in Entrepreneurship you definitely should check out his Podcasts and the Feifer Five Newsletter.



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