Incredible ways to get excited

We all have those moments when we have no motivation to do things we don’t like. Especially the excitement to accomplish that one thing we try to avoid is not there.
I recently had that same thought and it got even worse. Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about why the procrastination gets more powerful the less I do.
How can I increase my excitement for little things I NEED to do to be able to accomplish the bigger picture? I will write about the excitement we need, including some Hacks to make it easier for you on a daily base.


Acceptance of Criticism

Since I started asking the question of how to get better in life and my closest circle shrunk to a very small number. I had to realize which people are supportive if it comes to myself, but also my journey. I needed to figure out where I need to go, which dream I want to turn into a goal. And most important which person is actually pushing me to do better instead of being either negative aka “That’s a stupid idea” and “You better should do something else” or being nice about it aka ” You did your best, that’s good enough” and ” You did good”.
I had to realize that constructed criticism is essential for any kind of success. But you have to embrace it and thank those once who have the guts to tell you that. Be Grateful for such Statements that are potentially helping you to achieve better than just good.
Speaking of Gratefulness,

Be Grateful For Your Current Situation

Those I had to cut out of my life weren’t grateful. Maybe they were but did not speak it out loud. Including myself. My younger me was frustrated about anything and everything and absolutely forgot about those things I was able to do. i.E. going to College and being able to pay those costs out of my pocket by working extra hard to have those costs covered. Yes at that time I have neither evaluated my performance nor did I asked myself to create a more efficient way to achieve that goal even more efficiently. The essence is Gratefulness. I forgot to say thank you for my toughness, I forgot to think ” I am so blessed to have the power to go through all this to achieve that one goal I put in front of me” and ” Thanks to my boss I could make some extra bucks to get paid more Euros.” (BTW I hated him at that time because it seemed like he wouldn’t support my goals). However, I did not say one single time Thank You Niclas.

Proud of Achievements

Ok, that is something I recently discovered. I grew up not to be too cocky about you and your achievements. There are people who aren’t that fortunate. That is not true. Every success I had achieved was because of my will to commit to that specific goal and do whatever it took to get there. Every achievement you’ve reached is eligible to be proud of. In huge amounts!!! Keep those achievements in front of your eyes how you got there. How it felt right before you achieved it. You will be surprised how similar that feeling to the current situation it might be and how fast you get excited about your current task.

I want you to be proud of yourself, be cocky in a good way and keep in mind why you got to succeed in your specific tasks. You are the reason for it, not that one task and not a specific person. It is up to you how far you can get. Be grateful, be proud and love your criticisms.


Hope you could get some useful insight out of my Post. If so I would appreciate your comments what your keys are to get excited and what your tricks are. If you think your best friend needs some sort of a push to let him or her read this so he or she can get back on track.

Thanks for stopping by and see you guys soon 🙂

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