Don’t slip in poverty to find success!

The modern society built a strong belief that we had to have experienced a terrible event in order to become super successful. To give you some teenage idols i.e. Ed Sheeran ( being homeless and fighting against a mental illness), Robert Downey Jr.( Iron Man, sit in prison and had drug and alcohol problems almost died on an overdose), Grant Cardone ( Investor and Real Estate Guru – experienced drug and alcohol issues and faced a near-death experience). Steve Harvey had to live in a car for almost 3 years. When we try to be like our heroes then why are we trying to get broke first?


Let’s circle back to the ’90s

I was born ’93 and my childhood was just great. I am so thankful for those things I’ve gotten. No matter if it’s about love from my parents and family members to materialistic things i.e. the Playstation or a cellphone in my early teenage age.
This is now cleared up and now it gets interesting. WHY do I have to think about that topic so much?

As I became older and started digging into my idols there was something in their biography and I didn’t really think intensely about being broke or not. But it was stuck in my subconscious mind (which I found out later on). Soon our family faced bankruptcy and my privileges had to come to an end. So my level was changed from being just below the riches to just on the edge of the poor. And because of that I still had some convenience in my life (Apartment to life, regular food and time to time fast food, soda, and internet). Our family debt was in the range of the 6 figures. from now on I was limited on expenses and my goals pretty much started being set on hold. I got told to wait because it will be over soon. During that period of time, I learned to dismiss any sort of goals and just live with what it is available. Losing track is very common as well as building that mindset of jealousy.

Success is only available to already successful people

At that point, my answer to the successful people was as the following: “He got help from other rich people”, “He was broke and just their luck brought them success”, “They were born into riches and connections”. And some other phrases I would like not to mention.

Funny enough, my circle of friends wasn’t really established hence my age. But I do notice that after that deep fall my circle of friends matched my point of view if it comes to riches and success. Your closest circle of influence determines where your life will end. Unfortunately, the same principle applies to family as well. I know it sounds harsh but it does apply. And before you even think how unfair that sounds I want to remind you that I am strictly talking about your mindest and how not to reach them. That means, as soon as someone finds an excuse why that person is not able to achieve that. You will need to make the call it a pause and go hunt for new connections in your life.

Success depends on YOU and not on your situation

Now, let’s get to the point. Don’t be silly and create poverty just because you want to copy successful people. I took a student loan to create my simultaneous debt to get closer to the circumstances of my idols. I wanted to create such a story where I had to pay off a loan and being kicked out of the home. I truly believed that this is the way to go in order to achieve greatness.

Instead of wasting that kind of money, I should’ve used the money wisely on the business I’ve started and failed right out of the gate. I mean, I am not a fan of saying “could’ve & should’ve” but it is proof to me that this is not the way you should go. I am still laughing about that time in my life. because I failed to apply the rule of my Post of Your Simple Start. I did not plan, I did not do my research, and most importantly I did NOT start at all. And here I am, 10.000€ in debt no Job, failed business, and a degree. I slipped into false thinking again and blamed the government and everybody else but myself.

My future, my success, my mindset depends on me, it was, it is, and it will always be. We are responsible for our success and it is not depended on the situation you are in. Recognize where you are, and focus on finding a solution to get things done. Finding solutions take as much energy as finding excuses.
Please, sit down, and focus on how your situation can be used as your unique advantage so you are getting ahead of the game.

If you know someone who is about to create an unreasonable financial mess. Pass this post on and let that person read. I can speak out of an experience, creating an unwanted commitment is not a solution for achieving success.

Thank you for stopping by and if you want to share your thought with us, you are more than welcome to :). See you next time

-Be Great-

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