Why your situation the ultimate motivation is!

Some of us get taught we always have to be proud of ourselves. But there are other people who are getting taught that their role in life is rather embarrassing than motivating. I personally think and truly believe we have to be proud of ourselves no matter where we currently are. Now, why do I believe in that?

The biggest objections why we aren’t proud of ourselves

focused work group

  1. I haven’t done anything special.
    The most common statement I’ve heard. Unfortunately, I’ve used it myself. We consider ourselves as average and no matter what we do, we always try to believe that everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Let that un-true statement pass and start thinking at all those things you’ve done to get there where you are. Remember it always can be worse.
  2. I got help and didn’t do it by myself.
    As unfair it might sound, You are the one who did it regardless of who helped you and what kind of support you’ve received in order to get there. My favorite example at all times is KYLE Jenner. She earned the title of the youngest billionaire on earth. Do I say it was self-made as the Media is saying? No – She did get help with the cosmetic retailer Ulta but also from Kim Kardashian who was able to teach Kyle how to utilize Attention. Regardless, at the bottom line, she did it and put in the effort and discipline.
  3. Everyone could’ve done it
    That one is slightly different than the first Statement. The difference is the acknowledgment that you’ve done something different than the rest of the people you are surrounded with. Overall though, we still strongly believe that our efforts are not specialized or even recognizable.
  4. It’s not polished enough
    Or I could’ve done better. This one here is a complex statement. As a person as of myself, I love the improvement itself. Now, this was used to be stated if I tried to avoid attention because of the lack of confidence in the work I’ve done. I knew I had to improve it but this is were improving becomes avoiding. We have to start and improve the following actions. Get better the next time and see what happens first. You will never know your lack of skill if you’re not getting out there and present your masterpiece as finished. Present it – acknowledge criticism –  improve your next action – present it again.

Why I say: “Be Proud Of Yourself”

  1. You’ve done something not everyone has done it.
    Take your current situation and evaluate it closely. You have straight A’s in school? No? Good, you still have gotten a grade right? Exactly!! You are able to have the privilege of going to an educational institution. There are others on this planet they’ve never seen books, educational materials, or similar.
  2. You have so much potential to get better
    This one is my favorite one. It helped me to grow and move on even faster! If you are able to read this blog then you have to have a smart device that has to have an access capability of the internet. Those two things are giving you the opportunity to educate yourself on those things they bring you further. Life is not about achieving a certain goal. It is not about failure. But it is about the fact you are changing and adjusting to get better, to grow into your goals as well as having fun while doing so.
  3. Your past work for you
    Now, this is something I struggle with the most personally. I always had in my mind that I had to have a broken family, living in a car or had to survive from some sort of disease. My next post will be specifically just that topic then. Make sure you’re following me and enable the notifications to get a message once the next post will be out. Your past is part of your life. This is something you are NOT able to change. Embrace the fact where you are coming from, how you get there, and who was the reason for it.
  4. You learned from everyone
    Well, you probably just thought: “Heck NO!, That teacher from Highschool didn’t teach me anything. Or on that Airplane, that dude who had no manners would never teach me anything. But the fact that you noticed and memorized those moments shows that you either decided to be better than that person or to be like that person.
    Mentors are everywhere and we should learn from everybody. And please!!! Please read carefully. Learn from EVERYBODY, not EVERYTHING.
    It is up to you what you will learn and also who you are learning from.

Evaluation is a “Must”

Yes, you can learn from everyone and everything. and you might be aware that you suck at the very moment. But none of those points will matter if you are not willing to see the truth where you are right now. As soon as you start lying to yourself that you are perfect you will not be able to make use of those points I just listed. Nobody needs to see the pure facts about yourself but yourself. Nobody else will work on your mindest but you. So use the “True Evaluation” very serious and list everything. And start with one and move on to the next. And be proud of those changes you’ve done to get there.

Show some love and help me to let other people know that they are great. Even if they think they are not. I struggled for years by telling myself I wasn’t good enough for anything. Don’t let those friends think that way and help them grow.

Thanks for stopping by and I see you at my next post! And hey! Have a look at the Post about the difference between “Day One & One Day“. I explain why day one usually never becomes true while One day becomes the norm.

-Be Great-

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