Why Working for somebody will help you

Recently, I went on a business trip to a meeting with co-workers. As you know, I am thriving for entrepreneurship, but because of the lack of capital, working for someone else instead is the only way to fund the opening business. First, I thought this would be an embarrassing fact in one way or the other. In all honesty, it is not bad at all. So, where am I going to with this post today? I will explain to you why small things matter as much as big things, but the little event has one benefit we all forget about to consider.

Entrepreneur Imagination

Entrepreneurship for an older teenager and young adults

On Social Media, you will find once in a while Teens who are very successful in Online Businesses. They, of course, declare themselves as “Entrepreneurs.” Some of them are “Coaches & Mentors,” and the other ones are specialists in a specific business type. Regardless of their Statements remains the truth or scam.

I have to admit I’ve seen some creative ways they pulled out to make money online.

That is proof for me that they can make “some kind” of money. Not necessarily the truth what those teens say, but something.


Entrepreneurship for adults

Well, as of right now, I am not a teen anymore, even though I feel like a 19-year-old. I created such a curiosity about the topic business that I’ve made my decision about entrepreneurship and its risk. I want to take on the risk and wish to be exposed to the opportunity. The ability to travel anywhere with anyone at any given time. I don’t want to have to ask for permission or negotiate about a day “off.”


Entrepreneurship for older audits

Now, please don’t give me wrong. I don’t want to offend anybody, but I firmly believe that people over 45 are the older adults I am pointing at. They most-likely had kids and bought a house in their 20s-30s (nothing wrong with that by the way). Those adults made a mediocre career and made it so far through life. Since the kids moved out and the house has been paid. Now, since everything has been taking care of, they are willing to get into more risk.


The miss believe of teens and adults

There is a book on the market that opens some eyes from teens to adults. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book but easy to miss interpret. Many people I had the chance to discuss the book with, concluded that working for someone else is very bad and won’t get them anywhere.

Teens, on the other hand, are seeing on social media gurus and social media mentors who teach those kids wrongfully the same kind of belief.

The older adults aren’t quite better since they might have realized that half of their life was spent with the wrong employer.

The moderation makes THE difference

Like everything else in life, the appropriate moderation is the health and serves you in multiple good ways.

Very successful Investors, CEOs, and Founders of different industries are agreeing on the statement: “Choose wisely the employer, learn as long as you can, and once they stop you from growing time has come to leave the company behind.” Just don’t work simply for money. Instead, find employers where your knowledge has the potential to grow and connect a couple of dots within your head.

The hardship of leaving a great environment

If you had the Luck to have an asshole as boss/manager, then it will be easy for you to move on. I had it more “difficult.” I enjoyed being where I was because of the people. Everyone liked me within my department, and they were impressed to have someone foreign in the company. That caused a bizarre conflict within my goals. I didn’t want to hurt them or throw them under the bus. Because I liked them, and they were super supportive. However, leaving in good terms is the key to your future success. You will never know what that connection will bring you of several years after you left the company you were used to working with.

Learn in fast pace mode and move on ASAP

You recently started a job, and you don’t want to leave right away because it’s a toxic environment? Leave. But before, take inventory what it is that seems so toxic. In your future business, you might have a similar situation going on, so you might stick around a bit and learn what the real problem is.

Caution!!!! DO NOT JUDGE beforehand, and don’t worry about other people’s thoughts and opinions about your questions, you might ask.

Why? Well, simply because the only thing that can solve that specific issue is to find facts about the problem, not someone’s sympathy or dislike of a particular task. A job is a job, and if that job doesn’t get done efficiently, then the person is not the right fit for that position. That wrong fit can start at the janitor and might end at the Chief Executive Officer, aka CEO. Look at the facts.

For that being said, when you just started learning as fast as you can, be a detective and find out who or what creates the problem and then apply somewhere else you can learn the next skill.

It will fuel your side hustle.

Last but not least, the funding part. Now, you think you don’t want to work as much or you “deserve” your weekend? I am sorry to tell you this, but business does not work like that. Money creates money, and the first money is earned by working for someone else. Utilize that and build a durable product and marketing concept that will be funded through your monthly paycheck. If you have a hard time working for someone else, then write the following note out and post it where you can see it when you wake up and when you are going to bed.

“My Boss is paying for my business, and he will continuously do that until I have a steady income that exceeds my employment compensation.”

Keep that in mind, and you will look differently at your current job.

I hope I increased toward some motivation to keep it fresh where you currently are and where you are about to go. I think that you will make it soon and keep in mind that persistence will give you the guarantee you are asking.

Let us know what you think and if you agree with my opinion on working for someone else is healthy to a certain extend. And of course, share this post with someone who feels bad working for somebody else.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you next time.

Niclas the Guy

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