Should I start a Youtube Channel

Why you should start your Youtube Channel

Why you should start your Youtube Channel

On a Thursday afternoon at a Grocery store, I was able to get out of the house and get some fresh air. The quarantine is driving me and many others to a different state of mind. COVID-19 is spreading fear, confusion, but also frustration and anger. However, I was able to have a friendly, quick conversation with one of the new associates in that store.

“I wanted to start a Youtube Channel, but I don’t know If I should. Do you think I should start?” she asked. Regardless of what my answer would be, my advice is, “Start Your Thing!”

The Virus spread fear, and so can you spread joy

Everyone has something we love. I love playing video games but also focusing on my business or helping friends out to motivate/encourage them to get to their personal next level. So while the craziness is going on outside, I can stay inside instead and learn how youtube works. By the way, my Channel is HERE. But it’s not only that, we have an idea of what we can learn or what we want to let another know. The associate I was talking to had a cute idea about some flowers and pots. Well, it might not be my field I’d be interested in. Still, she was discouraged because her circle of influence said something unsupportive. So I said yes, go ahead and start! Especially during this time, we can spend time “unwillingly” at home and can learn what we were used to pushing back. To start recording your hobby and spread the word!

The Coronavirus gives opportunities.

Yes, the Coronavirus is a tragedy. But you can use the time to support those who really need support. So, for example, I started an online store to give the profits to my local hospital with useful items they need. I could stay at home and watch TV. I could sleep now 15 hrs a day because of my love for sleep. Instead, I choose to contribute to the community I live in. The city that gives me an incredible environment where I learned so many new things and got to know new people. So shift your mind towards helping others. 

Helping others will help you to record something useful. 

Do what you love and share your expertise.

You might want to encounter my suggestion: “ Learn a new skill, a new language, or plain expand your knowledge space.” That is absolutely ok, and you are absolutely right. Share what you are good at and give other tips and tricks on how they can be more effective or more efficient with that type of hobby you are good at. You are THE specialist, if you are not, then record the progress you are making by becoming the best. One thing needs to be addressed, You have knowledge that someone would love to get to hear.aa

Fall in love with improvement on your skills rather your follower growth

Becoming an accountable person who is sharing its improvements has a lot of creditability. Yes! You read, right! The reason why I list this on here is that I was able to witness this twice. I started to follow two people ( eCommerce & Motivational) who only had hundreds of followers. Now they have 100K and more just within 2 years. 

Now, since I listed the Numbers of followers, I want you to get rid of the number quickly. You only gain those followers once you realize that your passion has to match your belief. If you focus on the follower gain, then you will run into internal conflicts, and you won’t gain as many followers. I am just saying.

Opinions matter, Haters don’t

With gaining followers, you will increase your haters as well. Again, in the beginning, you will need to mute all those people and voices, which will try you to get turned down. I suggest starting Youtube without listening to anybody. That gives you some sort of immunity against hate speech. Once you have tens of different videos out there, you can start looking at your comments. And try to find out what other people might think from your content. Remember! This is just to get some insights on what you can do differently also better. There will be comments there just say: “ it’s full of sh***” Well, that can be true, but hence the lack of specifics I don’t validate that either. Value those comments they say something specific that could be done better by doing so and so. That gives you an idea that a particular thing could be done better to make it more attractive to other potential followers. The opinion other matters if it comes down to improvement. haters will always be there, and it’s on you to avoid thinking, “ I should stop recording.” 

Go ahead and start YOUR thing.

Start your Youtube Channel

Now, I want you to either find something that could be shared with someone or share your expertise with the world. There are more options than just one how you can get started on Youtube. 

Recording your ongoing improvement is a great way to not watch your followers.

Filming your daily life and how you can help others to feel better is another excellent way.

And lastly, Compilations of funny things. Cat videos, Animal videos are great, but to have you shown your face just be you and just do it. 

Your thing is the most essential if you ask me. Go ahead and let me know if you started and leave your video down in the comments and I and others will check you out and help you to continue to share your videos.

Thank you for stopping by, and now get started! I look forward to getting to see your work 🙂 

Niclas Haritos ⎸Motivational Speaker

See you Soon 🙂

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