For Real This Time

“Starting a blog is easy,” I thought. The truth is, it is. But there will be a challenge that often comes with the easiness. And it is called consistency; being consistent at all costs is the biggest challenge for me I can think of.

Now, I have no idea how many times I said, “Ok, let’s do this for real this time.” I know that I have decided this time that differs from my other attempts—my mindset and my why.

Today, I am going to share with me what has changed.

My Mind is the Reason

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At first, I wanted to have the fame and authority to make a profit out of it. I think that is a pervasive way of thinking. However, I was able to imagine this for myself regarding the matter of the rewards. 

This time I have changed my mind about the outcome. Now, I want to improve specific skills that come with the practice. In other words, I want to become better at writing and journaling. I want to be better at typing with my 10 fingers, and I want to improve my communication skills using the appropriate words.

As you can see, this Post is not the longest and not the most interesting one. But, I do see the most value in it from all of the other posts I’ve done so far.

The Goal

The first time my goal is no longer a thing that can be checked off at some point. My goal is to be consistent. 300 words a day will keep the doctor away. Haha, probably not, but for me it does. 

Now I have to check in daily to write 300 words. 

Will I make it happen? Checking back in tomorrow.

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