2021 Side Hustles Part I

2021 Side Hustles Part I

2020 & 2021 are the years that make use realize that one job is not enough to rely on. Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and most of them aren’t back up again after one year of business closures.

But there is hope as long as you don’t put yourself in the victim role. Therefore, today I am just listing skills you’ll need to learn aka develop to become successful.

Be a hero rather than a victim

The Art of Communication

I, as a full blown introvert, always had difficulties to communicate with people. Especially with strangers or people I don’t really know. It happened quite often that my skill of communicating needed improvement.

Unfortunately, at the time, I did blame everybody but myself. I was pointing fingers to those who didn’t understand me rather than trying to change the way I tried to explain things.

A few years ago, I read a book that helped me understand the importance to understand before trying to be understood. Almost 50% of arguments with your significant other occurs because the communication wasn’t clear enough. In other words, there was room for imagination and wishing.

You need to learn to be clear what the other person is signing up for. Regardless if it is in business, personal life, partnership, friendship – The clearer you are the less explanation you will need to do if things don’t go the way you were hoping for.

There is a great book I’d like to recommend to read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Business is NOT Personal

You will encounter a lot of different obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes you’ll be able to solve it within a few minutes and there are other days when you are unable to solve the issue for several days or even weeks.

Some customers will hate you, embarrass you or even destroy your self confidence. So please keep in mind, some people are just d*cks and want to see someone else fall apart. You might’ve done a mistake but as long as you want to make up for it you don’t have to lose faith to become successful.

A great system I’ve created for myself is to have a recovery plan. That includes the skill of communication and the fear of facing the truth about your service or product.

  • Reach out to upset client
  • Ask the *right questions
  • Offer an charge free extension ( if possible )
  • Offer a revision ( also charge free )
  • Offer refund and a review update

Important to note is, you need to be clear that sometimes people just don’t enjoy the product as much as other customers. Some people want to have free stuff and that is unfortunate but the truth. Accept it and you will live a more relaxing life – I promise.

side hustle skills matter more than money ever does

Avoid focusing on money

I know, you want to start a side hustle to make money. But the truth is, the less pressure you put on yourself the more promising are the results for your efforts. Try to understand the matter before going all in to scale it.

Especially at the beginning you will be forced to lose money. Don’t feel bad – it happens to all of us. Just make sure you understand what happened and make improvements along the way.

Remember, the skill will earn you the money. The better the skill the more money you’ll be able to earn.

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