Missing your flight & fear

Hi there,

This week, I missed my flight the very first time. I was scared of that moment ever since I started flying at a young age. What does this have to do with having a side hustle?

Let me explain why this is more related than you think it is.

Fear Follows You Closely

I mentioned earlier that ever since I started flying at a young age, I was afraid of missing my flight and its consequences. Sometimes, I wasn’t able to enjoy the few hours before the flight because I imagined missing the flight and then stuck at the airport with a lot of costs and a waste of time.

I enjoy flying, and I enjoy having plenty of time before boarding starts. Yet, I arrive basically in a rush to be “just on time.” Sweaty because of all the struggle to get through the security checkpoint.

With great entrepreneurship comes great worry

The Business Perspective

The more we fail, the more likely we tend to think negatively about our next approach to fixing a problem. The more goes wrong, the less confident we will become. It all starts with the first fail we experience with the following result. We lose the fun we used to have when we first started the entrepreneurial adventure. 

Having fear is normal. Having doubt is normal. Financial struggle is normal. That should not make you lose your fun and positive attitude of having a business. It is funny how it is, and we choose to be entrepreneurs for the reason of freedom and luxury of being our own boss. 

Worry less of the little struggles and failures and focus on those small wins and the fun that comes with them. Meet new people, getting to know your new limits, being creative in finding solutions, and most importantly, having something extraordinary to offer for your family.

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