The Importance of Structure

You need structure

Dogs are surprisingly very similar in behavior compared to us humans. We all know that problem dog that starts barking because something is not normal. Dog trainers call this “loss of their life’s structure.”

You need structure

Structure I used to have

When I was a little kid, every teacher noticed that I was a very structured child who made everything a certain way. The new generation is calling it OCD. The benefit of my way of thinking was quite impressive. I knew where things were. I was able to build/find something more quickly the second time. I understood the principle, so I could apply it to something similar.

Life without structure

My life turned out to be very structured in multiple ways—family, Friends, Relationships, Hobbies, etc. At age 14, my hobby life hadn’t structure. Once sponsors couldn’t afford the investment any longer. I had a hard time finding a replacement and choose soccer.

By the age of 17, my family went through a huge financial struggle. The consequences were disruptive and very uncertain. At 18, my relationship was quite toxic and made me lose most of my friends, and it almost cost me, my family, as well. By the age of 19, I was at the lowest point of my life without trusting a soul, no money, and no friends. But there was one thing that kept me going — and it was work with my first mentor Stefan.

One solid structure

Stefan was able to plant an idea into my brain. “Never stop learning” became my life’s principle. I started being interested in multiple things, learning to read people, and finding ways to become more intelligent. While everything else was falling apart, my job gave me the backbone to keep going and eventually let the other pillars rebuild. When I tell people who deal with depression ( including myself ), It all depends on what you focus on. If you focus on self-improvement, you will find ways to improve yourself. If you look for mistakes and discomfort you experience, you will find more and more things that will tear you down, and you will stay there.

One pillar is enough to help you find your way

Deal with emotions

I was used to suppressing my emotions, and that was a terrible mistake. You will learn to fake emotions, and if you master that type of game, you will end up in a very dark space where suicide seems to be the only way out. I’ve been there, and I probably will never go back to those thoughts because I accepted that life is beautiful, and it’s on me what I am going to do with it. Your thoughts are powerful, and you have to control where the power flows — in fact, if you don’t own it, your emotions will ultimately control you, and it’s not fun.

Experience your emotions, let them expand; no matter how hard it feels, sad moments are as important as happy moments because they will show you what you like and dislike. It will work for you like a compass to a captain. It will lead you in the approximate direction, but your eyes and minor adjustments will lead you to the goal you desire. But you have to make adjustments along the way, and don’t be afraid to look at your compass every here and then.

Love Yourself 🙂

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