Analysis Paralysis Gets in Your Way

It doesn’t matter where you are going if you don’t know where you want to end up. That quote has stuck in my head for quite some time now. I need to admit, I often thought of where I want to end up, but I didn’t know where to go. That lead me to stay where I was for longer than I anticipated. 

Plan to Start and Start to Plan

With the quote upfront, I understand the importance of “saving energy” by going straight towards your goal. But the problem begins even earlier by not knowing where you want to end up. That means you won’t take action because it could be the wrong direction. Therefore, you would waste energy and time. 

The truth is, You have to start doing lots of different things. And sort out those things you don’t enjoy early on. It’s more about finding out what you don’t enjoy rather than finding what you want. You only get there by trying and eliminating things day by day.

Save More than Five Years

Once I graduated, I felt successful in having a piece of paper in my hand. However, it gave me three new ways to create my future. That specific degree is needed to start a business in Germany. I’d be able to work as a higher-paid employee because of the certification. I was able to choose to go to university and study anything that’d spiked my interest. I felt the pressure of making a decision that will have a significant consequence. Instead, I wanted to rest for half a year. 

Truth to be told, even though I told everyone I wanted to be sure about my decision, I spent 0% trying to make a decision. I knew one thing that I was right before a burnout by working eleven-hour days, going to class for four hours every day, and going to the gym for one hour. Weekends were booked with class, so there was no room for small time-outs or social interactions. 

Instead, I should’ve continued work with fewer hours and less intensity. That allows me to stay busy and form my opinion of my future. 

Side Hustle to Real Business

The impression that you need to have capital so you can form a legal entity is false. Start your side hustle build a reputation, and build a foundation for how you operate. One day your side hustle will exceed your full-time job, and this is the benchmark for yourself to leave your job behind and pursue that thing you wanted.

I made a mistake, and I know what I was thinking. All I can tell you is do it and decide whether it works out for you or you need to pivot. 

Start first, plan then, see results and plan further and start the grind to get it off the ground.

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