Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding yourself accountable might be easy for some people, but I know that I struggle with it a lot. While I was thinking of why I was having such a hard time with it, I tried a different approach. What if it is less about holding yourself accountable but more about the commitment you set yourself.

I say, “The moment you fully commit is the moment you will find ways to make it happen no matter how hard they might seem.”, would you agree?

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Over-thinker or procrastinator

I am absolutely an overthinker, and I wish I could live a life where my mind doesn’t try to figure something out that doesn’t need to be figured out just yet. I need to admit, sometimes it seems like I like to procrastinate, and I wondered why. Ultimately I want to do things perfectly on the first try, and this is a huge problem.

Many books I’ve read talked about analysis paralysis, which I apparently have. I overanalyze every single step before approving it to be used. If I don’t like it, which I usually don’t, I will just discard it and move on to the next.

Reasons for being an overthinker

I will let you know a brief story that leads me to be an overthinker. My dad was used to be very fast and reacted to every opportunity very quickly.
Once upon a time, my dad started a business; his approach usually was “Cut as many corners as possible.” That approach did work out for him until he cut too many corners and his family had to fight for a place to sleep.

Without dramatizing anything, everyone is doing well now. But after years of digging and what could’ve done better to avoid this situation, I found that some corners should not be cut…. especially if you don’t have any assets you can fall back on—hubs like the IRS or Immigration Law enforcement.

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The Right Way

However, I found I have to be honest about anything that the government involves. So I urge myself to hire an attorney, make sure I have everything set for the IRS, etc.
Now, is that the correct way? Absolutely not! Make money so you can correct the mistakes with the money you’ve earned. Be smart with it, and don’t take advantage of those who are not allowed to make money in your country. If that person gets hints about how he can return the favor of being screwed over, he/she will do it in other words ; Karma.

My Quantity Trial

This Blog is now my approach to the quantity approach, where I have to publish as many blog posts as possible. Well, I have to write about my journey every single day compared to once every month. I want to prove to myself the more often I write, edit and publish a piece of content more confident I get.

Also, I practice on how to be more efficient and how the process looks like so I can tweak it. If you have a different methodology to recommend, please feel free to drop it down below in the comments.

I’ll see you soon and thank you for reading along my journey. It means a lot to me!

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  1. I can join you guys on accountable platform?


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