Battle Against Bad Habits

Getting back on track is sometimes more difficult than expected. My habits aren’t as solid as they are supposed to, which I have to work on. It took me quite some time to get back where I was used to this time. So I had to assess myself and see why I struggle to return to my old “good” habits.

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Creating Structure

Usually, we get introduced to a structured life that has been influenced by our parents and High school friends. Obviously, we have little to no responsibility. We don’t have to worry about our next steps as much while we are growing up. Once we enter adult life and we have to make decisions that impact different aspects of our life. We lose structure or try to maintain a system that has been created for others rather than for ourselves.

Restructure Your Life

As we grow older, we ( might ) realize that our habits are not the best suited once, especially for our goals and dreams. I say “might” because some people will never change to make something impossible possible. However, starting the project to restructure your habits is quite a challenge in itself. While we have to unlearn “bad” habits, we also need to find and learn “good” ones. This can take as little as a few days up to a couple of years.

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My Restructuring Attempts

Here are two examples for both of the cases. I was not used to going to the gym since I never had any bodyweight issues. I was physically active, like driving, go-karting, or playing football ( Soccer.) The gym was not my cup of tea. In 2018, I decided to change and go to the gym for at least 5 min every other day. My struggle with the gym was “Going To The Gym,” not the exercise itself. (Which made me make a rule “be at the gym for at least 5 min, no workout required.) It did help me. Because today, in 2021, I can say I go to the gym 6 days a week and feel bad not going to the gym every day. It took me about a month to get used to showing up at the gym, and after that, it didn’t feel like a burden anymore.

Another example is something business-related. I am terrible at cold calling or, in general, making calls because of my fear of rejection ( I guess.) I am an introvert, and I have such an enormous fear of talking to strangers that I really don’t like talking to other people. ( Never had a bad experience, only good once, and I still don’t know why I have that fear. I noticed that bad habit of avoiding “cold” conversations, business-related or personal on events or parties, and up to this day, I am working on it.

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Be Creative

I have not found a great way to overcome that habit. If I do find out what works, I will make a post about it. ( I even created a card game for myself that makes me do things, i.e., Go to the prettiest woman in the room and ask for her number. Move up to a couple and make a compliment towards the girl. Or, approach a car owner who drives a gorgeous car and ask if you can take a look at the inside or what they do for a living.

Anyways, thanks for jumping in today, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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