Decision Making Skills

Making a firm decision is more challenging than you might think, regardless of what area of your life, from Love, Family, or Business. We all try to see a glimpse behind the curtains before we make a choice. Yet, we might never find out what truly hides behind it. I got to a point where I have to make multiple vital decisions, and I am afraid to make the wrong choice.

It’s About Consequences

I try to understand the full consequence of my decision. I want to know what will happen the second I choose one particular choice. While most people say this is such a great way to make a very well-educated decision, I feel that it holds me back from quick progress that will lead me to a better answer.

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Avoid Emotional Involvement

I used to make a decision based on how my emotional state was. I was happy and agreed to almost anything that ultimately led me to disappointment because I could not say no. When I was sad, I didn’t feel like doing anything until I recovered from my mental pain.
There is a book I recommend reading because it teaches you about Emotional Intelligence. BOOK.

Caution! Your emotions are a guide for you to see in which direction you should steer. But make decisions based on logic. Be rational and stick with your choice, especially if it’s unclear if that wasn’t the right choice.

Deciding Wrong

We’ve all been there before. You’ve made a clear decision, you were 100% certain it is the right thing to do, and then the unexpected happened. You Were Wrong! Tab on your shoulder. Now, it’s time to suck it in. The first step is to admit you did wrong. Believe it or not, I know many people who would never admit they were wrong, even within the family. However, the next step is to apologize or letting the other party know that you were wrong.
Note, this is not about “undo” your choices. It’s about personal growth and acceptance you’ve made a choice that did not turn in your favor.

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Hoping For Forgiveness

I’ve seen people, including myself, where I apologized to get back where I was before and “undo” my actions. In other words, I kissed someone’s ass without meaning to apologize genuinely. There is nothing wrong with that, although I can promise you that you don’t learn from it. Instead, you know to become creative to sell an apology. Rather than being uncomfortable and learn to make better-educated choices.

Personal and Business

You are choosing to cut someone out of your life, although you like the other person. That feeling is as equally bad as turning down a client while you desperately need the money. It feels awkward and weird. You feel bad because the short-term feeling is extremely painful. On the other hand, the long term does look more promising. Cutting a person out of your life will never feel great, yet, it is necessary to grow and get better. Turning down a client is tough, and it needs a lot of brain energy to make that decision. But if you undersell yourself and undervalue your product or services, you should walk away. Price is not the issue but the indicator of how valuable you are.

See you soon.

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