2 Ways to Make Money with $100

Having only $100 to work with is quite challenging. But I also say that it is possible to create a 10X return on that within 30 days, Month after Month. All you’ll need is the determination, a laptop, and a phone. I’ll list two types of Side Hustles. One is more about learning a skill that you can use later on. The other one is more actionable but requires you to understand the SEO industry.

An Affiliate Marketing Course

I’ve struggled a lot with finding a course that tells you really what, how, and when to do it. I understood you can create links from Amazon or any other website but wasn’t quite sure where I would get my traffic from.

The 30 Day Challenge or One Funnel Away Challenge is a great way to learn the skill of Affiliate Marketing from start to finish, and you will learn how to advertise and market your product. You will learn the basics of Digital Marketing and how to write selling copy for your audience.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

For those who have never heard about Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, in general, is a referral program that encourages others to advertise your product without any upfront cost for the company. You, as an affiliate, receive a specifically designated link, so you will be rewarded once someone used your link to sign up for a product or service.


I talk about the 30 Day Challenge. It did help me, so I refer it to you. That link is affiliated with me, and I will receive a commission once you sign up.
One of the reasons I like to recommend Russel Brunson’s course is that you are automatically an affiliate to use that course for advertising. And receive a commission as well. I thought that’s pretty captivating, mainly because it actually tells me what I needed to know.

Second Way to Make a 10X Return on $100

So, I need to mention you will need a basic understanding of how SEO works. If you haven’t heard about that term yet, you might google first what SEO is and how it works and then come back to read the rest of the blog post.

Provide an SEO Report and Advice

That is an easy way to get in touch with a lot of businesses locally or nationally. You can reach out and tell the company where they are lacking and what their competitors are doing.
For that, I also recommend software I’ve been using myself.
SEMrush – A SEO-focused Software that makes it easy to understand the SEO from your website and your competitors. You can get access to it for free and try it for 7 days. You can cancel anytime without having to pay for anything.

The Hustle with SEMrush

The software costs monthly $100, but it has a lot of tools to work with. Ok, you have access now and want to make some cash. Let’s hop on the train and see what we can do.
I’d recommend getting into one niche first and learn the keywords about that niche. You will come across roughly 20 keywords that matter to every business within that niche you’ve picked. Once you have momentum with 8-10 companies, you can venture out to different industries/niches.
All you will need to do is call on businesses and tell them you can generate an SEO report for $29.95. It will show their rankings for their 10 most used keywords and their overall performance. For an additional $5, you can give them their 3 biggest competitors with those keywords. And if they want recommendations to add another $15. In total, you’ll make $49.95 per business. They also can sign up for monthly updates for $10/month.

You sell this to 4 businesses a week that equals $799.20 a month.

Here you have it—two ways how you can make money with only $100 available today.

See you soon

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