How to Start an Online Business for less than $150 [Part I]

The pandemic brought me more fortune than I could’ve imagined. In early 2020 I was an employee, and I dreamed of a life without having a “Job.” Neither did I know how it worked nor what I would do instead. A year and a half later, I have my own agency, lack on cashflow but feel free. And that is priceless.

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The #1 Mistake

I, as well as others within my circle, had one statement in common. “I need to wait until I hit $XXXXX, then I can register and build a product.”

The problem with that is the number increases over time because you get more time to think through obstacles that may or may not happen. So, therefore, that individual needs more money to correct the issue if it appears to be a problem.

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Money Isn’t The Issue

Let’s be honest. Money is not the problem at all. I will share three books and cost less than $50. You will learn everything from having a product, how sales work, what you need to worry about the most, and what skills you need to develop. 

Money is the easiest obstacle to choose from, so we don’t take any significant action. Have you ever wondered how millionaires and successful people went straight back up after filing bankruptcy? Same — I did some diligence to find out if there was a secret I didn’t know about.

Your Network Is Your Net-Worth

I’ve heard that term over and over, and I couldn’t stand that statement. I absolutely did not believe in it, neither did I see the value behind it. Why? Because I got burned multiple times, and it didn’t feel well either.

However, throughout 2020, I was extremely unhappy with my current job. The company I had started the previous year didn’t have any sales, and my relationship fell apart. Moreover, the list kept becoming bigger and bigger. 

It was time for a reassessment. My partner and I decided to split ( in good terms ), left my job ( I recorded myself while giving the two-weeks-notice ), and started to network. I was able to meet new people from different industries. From Sales to Marketing, Startups, Health experts, to Construction advisors.

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Be A Leader

Before I get to the books, I want you to assess yourself and ask if you take on the responsibility. 

I mean it! Do you do everything possible to achieve your goal or not. If the answer is no, then this is the first step and become a leader. Be your own boss and fire the irresponsible person within you. Be a leader and take actions and only evaluate the outcome — no pre-judgment.

Then, reach out to people who do those things you want to accomplish. Build your network, seek advice, listen to their story, and see what is closest to yours. 

Lastly, be ok with who you are right now. Be ok with you where you are right now. And be ok with what you have right now. Nobody will judge you, and it is a great practice to increase your confidence.

Part II Is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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