A Very Dry Excuse Why I Wasn’t Consistent

I lost track of writing my Blog, AGAIN! But I have a slight excuse that might make it okay not to follow through with my Blogging habit.

The excuse is… I’ve started a Youtube Channel. That Youtube Channel, as of right now, serves as my daily log for my progress.

If you want to check it out, feel free to do so HERE.

The plan for this channel is to focus on Personal finance, stocks, crypto, and making money.

Mostly because I face financial difficulties and decided to take on the responsibility and work towards a better life rather than thinking of changing.

Photo by Elliot Ogbeiwi on Pexels.com

The Recap

Here is a small recap of what has happened in the last 4 weeks,

Four weeks ago, I got the stomach flu that caused me to throw up in the middle of the night, and I needed to recover right after. At this point, I decided not to go to the gym because I feel responsible for not getting everyone else sick.

Four days past and I felt better, except my stomach tube was extremely sore. Finally, after two more days, I felt better.

Three weeks ago, I took my life very seriously, reducing my screen time on my phone, started the channel, and held myself accountable. So here is the first video.

Editing, recording took a lot of time. Still, I am glad I started because I went from three and a half hours of Youtube-Time (writing the script, recording, editing, to uploading the video) to roughly one hour.

A Tiny Accomplishment

One of my year goals is to record and upload a video within one hour. Now, I am not quite there yet because all I do right now is record a 6-8 min video that is basically a recap of my day and edit it slightly and publish it. I mostly work on speech and gesture because I want to provide some type of value with an entertaining touch.
I also work on my consistency right now to ensure I won’t flinch if I have nothing to talk about; there will always be something to talk about, or even don’t feel like recording (I already had some days when I didn’t feel like recording a video.)

Two weeks ago, I literally caught a cold. At first, I felt a weird sensation in my throat, but I kept going to the gym and continued working hard and neglecting sleep a bit for a project for my agency.
Indeed on Monday I started sneezing and I felt horrible. So I, again, decided to stay home and rest ( first day no phone, no tv, and a lot of soup. ) I even recorded a youtube video the first day, which you can see here. Still, the day after was just too bad to be productive.

Although, I was able to meditate and focus/readjust my goals. I felt it was necessary to do that. I reduced my short-term goals from 7 specific goals to 4. Every plan is attached to another and forces me to accomplish it.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

This week, I waited one whole week to go back to the gym. I want to make sure I am not contagious to anyone, so I don’t have to worry about things.
I also kept recording my Youtube journey.

This post is solely just for myself. Getting back to a habit is not easy, but with simple small steps, it’s possible.

If anyone reaches this paragraph, I have one thing to say to you: I love you and thank you very much for your time! I mean it! It means a lot, and I know my writing style and grammar are not nearly where I wanted them to have, but that’s okay for now, soooo….


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