My Post for Accountability — For Me

This post is another attempt to be consistent with writing/blogging.

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Writing is not my favorite thing to do. At least not in a professional manner. If it comes to my personal life, I prefer texting over a phone call.

Talking to someone can take a lot of time but for what reason? I am very time conscious and see every task as an investment ( you expect something in return — not a favor or money, by the way ). Texting on the other hand allows you think of the appropriate word for the situation, a word that has emotional weight to emphasize something specifically.

So here I am. I finished reading the book The Subtle Arte of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Menson. And I must say I fell in love with his approach. There are some things I don’t entirely agree with, but I definitely can say that his points are very valid.

When I was younger, I wanted to impress people I didn’t know, or I didn’t even like. So I cared for things that were beyond my interest, but other people liked it.

Fifteen years later, I became that minimalist I am today. I only buy expensive things I genuinely wanted since I was a kid or I personally really like.

But this post is, again, just an anchor to hold myself accountable and lay the first brick of the massive wall I need to build to better my writing skills, copywriting, and creative writing for my marketing agency.
And eventually, I will reach my desired goal next year in September.

Are you curious what my goal is? Follow along and find out bit after bit what I want to achieve and what I do to achieve that.

Niclas 🙂

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