The Big Lie Of Starting A Business

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Two years ago, I started my company. And I remember I was doing a lot of learning and understanding of marketing, digital marketing, branding, etc.
But I was more interested in telling people that I am busy.

The thought of building a business is just so thrilling, and I loved the attention I got when I first told people about it. But, the truth is I didn’t start a business. I started a company on paper but haven’t had any clients.

I had time to learn, absorb, and understand the principles of marketing. But all I did was telling people I was busy doing work.

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Now, two years later, I got my first client, and it feels incredible to have an impact on someone’s success.

I talk about this the first time because I think it is essential to share this with people who think of starting a business or even just starting out.

The worry and care of what other people think of you shouldn’t matter. That you have a business is nothing special, and you shouldn’t get a rush like a drug that rushes through your veins when you talk about your business idea.

Instead, have your progress in mind. Focus on your progress daily, tell people about your progress and share your progress with others to learn by teaching and to execute.

I didn’t do it, and I accumulated a regret because of that one flaw I used to live day in and day out.

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Now, go and make an impact. Receive the credit you deserve but do it for you and not for others. Help others to gain experience and increase your impact.

The money will follow, I promise you that.

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