Makes Someones Day

Today, I read about making someone feel important by showing genuine interest in one’s life. Have you ever tried to be nice to someone without the thought of needing something from that person?

I usually do, and fortunately, that’s a friendly little reminder to keep doing that. I say this because it makes me happy to make someone’s day. A simple “Hey, your hair looks incredible. What are you using to keep it that way?” or “I love the shirt; where did you get it from?”

I used to use that as a flirt approach. I am not bragging about it, just to make things clear. However, during my sales career, I learned that making a compliment or two will increase the chance of a sale. 


Be Genuine – Don’t ask for anything in return

Now, I mentioned, don’t ask anything in return to see what it actually does it changes your mindset. Mine has significantly changed because I saw firsthand that I positively impacted a stranger’s life. 

We never know what a stranger who stands across from us is going through this very second. So, what does it cost you to say something nice. Maybe ask something in detail about the thing you are curious about. It will cost you 30 seconds. You may find yourself with an opportunity to talk about yourself — and who knows, maybe a new career opportunity.

Truth be told, we all have some sort of struggle. No matter where you are in life, you find something you don’t like or even hate. Human brains are programmed to find a problem so we can focus on fixing the problem.

And most of our problems will disappear by getting curious about self-improvement. And don’t make the same mistake I once did.

What does it even mean – self-improvement

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Self-improvement doesn’t mean you need to find out how to meditate, do yoga, and breathe. Self-improvement is about improving your life. So for some is getting your spending habits in control. For some others, it’s time management. For some, it’s sales; for others, it’s human interactions. I think you get the point.

What you must do — is see yourself in 3rd person. Try to detach yourself and see your life from a birds-eye perspective. Turn off your emotional bias and evaluate every single bit of your life you currently have. Friends, Job, Money, Savings, girlfriend, living situation, co-workers, how many languages do you speak, do you travel, does your car work, do you have too many clothes? 

It’s up to you – evaluate yourself, or don’t

Evaluate yourself, there’s right, and it is wrong. I won’t tell you what’s right, but I certainly can tell you what’s wrong.

Wrong is: Living a life you don’t “really” want. Maybe you always wanted to visit Asia, maybe you always wanted to have savings. Maybe you always wanted that Audi; maybe you’ve always wanted a girlfriend/boyfriend that supports you rather than belittles your creative ideas.

No matter what it is, the sooner you face it, the sooner you can put an end to it and make a change. 

Proof that I need to work on clarity

And as I reviewed my writing, I noticed what I needed to change. My mind is working exactly how you just read it. My thoughts start with making a compliment to make someone’s day, and we end with evaluating your own life.

Be grateful for the things you have because one person on this planet would die to have that.

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