Consume Or Create – What’s the best choice?

I recently went through a pleasant enlightenment. I’ve always told myself, “You’ll need to decide whether you want to consume or create. Because If you want to change your life, you’ll need to accept the choice of creating.”

So, It took me a very, very long time to get friends with that thought. English is my second language; I am creative but unsure how my experience can help others. And I say that because I want to create something meaningful.

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Is it not meaningful ?!

This is one reason I wanted to create, hence my IG Account, Youtube Channel, etc. But I’ve always struggled to answer the question: “What can I create and talk about that helps other people like those big influencers do?”

Today, I made a choice about what the goal is and what I want to achieve with it. I want to create a daily writing habit, so I get better at it. And in case I come across a topic that could help other people while enjoying doing the task of writing about it.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is helping me along the way. I am creating a system that makes me stick to this new plan and replace my bad habit of scrolling through IG and Youtube for hours.

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Practice 100 shots and you will score more than you’d only take ONE

I am sure my first few posts aren’t any good, but I need to put in the 30 minutes daily to have at least 200-300 words written down and published.

For some reason, I like to have this as my journal replacement. Mainly because I don’t enjoy writing in a journal. I’ve never done it in my childhood, and I gave it a try for several months and was very consistent with it. However, I don’t like it because I don’t see how it could help anybody, including myself.

Today’s Journal Replacement

Anyhow, today, I just wanted to publish this piece of content. After all, I felt very motivated because I thought of my goals for 2022, and I really want to achieve those goals. And the first step toward your goal is the tiny step that will end up where you want to be in the future.

For that being said, thanks for checking in with me, and I hope to see you soon.

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