Creating over Consuming, Corrected

The prediction of my thoughts from my last post about the decision whether you make time for consuming things or creating things.

But I have to rephrase the word consuming. Because today I continued reading the book Atomic Habits. Which counts as consuming. So I thought about it and concluded that controlled or intentional consumption to create things is essential.

My walking spot in Oakland,CA

I had a conversation a few years ago where a friend and I had an argument about whether YouTubers watch hours of content or only create content. Unfortunately, we didn’t agree as far as I remember because we both lacked validation of either statement.

I also almost completed building my company’s homepage, which makes me extraordinarily happy. Of course, it’s just the homepage that’ll be done, but that will allow me to actively send people to the site to attract warm leads.

That also means I can talk to strangers and mention my website on the fly, and I don’t have to feel bad that the website looks weird or is incomplete.

Photo by myself trying out some angels and reflections

Perfection doesn’t hold me back. But I want to stand behind my product. And the best Metaphor for this phenomenon is this:

Bugatti has never put a car on the road with quality like a Chevy or Peugeot. Not that their first vehicle ever was absolutely stunning and flawless. But their work was within the acceptable standards they’ve put themselves up to.

To be fair, I’ve been there before, and my perfection has held me back. But that only happened because of my lack of clarity.

Anyways, I finished the capital of the book today and took notes so I can record my Youtube Video on Friday at noon. Overall, I am pleased with my results and writing on my blog, which makes me even happier.

Keep pushing… Yes, I mean you 😉

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