Catching up is like a freshly start

A genuine conversation with a true friend can change the whole world. And I say true friend because true friends don’t give advice. they ask questions so you can find the answer yourself. So, I did call up one of my true friends. But, unfortunately, I haven’t talked to him for over 6 months.

Our lives have changed, and I am glad they did, although I am positively surprised that even though we grew so much, our energy still matches.

iPhone at one of my favorite spots Mt Tam.

One of the books I’ve read suggested I always should focus on becoming better every day in every aspect of my life. Whatever you’re eating in a day, be a better friend, a better boyfriend, a better father, a better brother, etc. Luckily I don’t have a girlfriend, have no kids, and no wife. That makes my life a bit easier to get better at.

So, I try to eat healthily, improve my selling skills, connect with friends again, and make new friends. Speaking of friends, I am thinking of starting a Meet Up group. To communicate with people who have similar interests.

Here it becomes complicated for me and my brain. Suppose I start a group for business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. In that case, I’d leave them behind once I leave in January.

Although, I also could see that as an opportunity to make friends and have friends across the country. I think both ways are a valid point. Whatsoever, I possibly create the group beginning next week and start linking up with some business owners.

Who knows? Maybe it will allow me to get business through such a group, or I will meet a girl that suits my requirements. The latter is less important because I want to hit the 6-figure year before anything else.

Lake Merritt iPhone shot trying to take a photo for the blog

And that’s it for today; checking in, and I was active on Twitter, which I am super proud of as well. So let’s find out how far I can go with this.

I’ll see you tomorrow; keep grinding:)

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