Still Looking For The Golden Answer

I don’t know why I lack the ability to stay consistent with writing. Let me rephrase that statement.

I am actively looking for a solution that makes me enjoy writing more. The benefits are tremendous, at least. That’s what I’ve seen in other people’s work. Whether writing a book, a sales letter, an ad, or simply a creative blog with affiliate links for people to follow.

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How complicated does it get?

I think the topic of conversation and connection is more complex than I thought it would be. It’s not necessarily the fact I want to sell things but more so selling my idea. Influence one opinion and decision.

As a fun fact, I am good at it within a dialog setup. But not so good in the form of a monolog. This means if I chat with friends, I can easily convince them and sell them my idea.

Now, with a monolog setup, things get a bit more complicated. First, you need to understand the pain points up front; there is no specific person you can talk to and find a solution to one person’s objection and challenge.

Instead, you’ll do research via online resources, pick as many challenges and objections, and find common grounds so you get multiple solutions to the point where you’ll be able to tip over the reader and influence their point of view.

Again, it doesn’t have to be a sales letter but influencing someone with written words is far more complex than being in an in-person conversation.

Consistency is key

So, consistently writing will help me get better at it while enhancing my English vocabulary.

But I do my best to execute the idea of writing about 300 words daily.

For today, I am currently in Monterey on my last visit. My friends decided to leave the state of California and will leave next week. I am highly excited for them to take a step toward a new chapter, and it will be fun to experience this kind of adventure.

Tomorrow I will talk a bit more about what things have changed because my short-term and long-term goals got a little adjusted.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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