I Want To Change -My Deepest Desire

I want to change. Not just a little bit. I want to change 180 degrees. I want to change the way I live, I want to change the way I earn my money, I want to change how often and freely I can travel, and I want to change the kind of car I drive.

Change is tough. It really is tough. Yet, it’s easy if you stop holding on to things or expect things because you deserve something.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Truth to be told, you deserve nothing. However, I don’t deserve anything if I don’t give 100% to the thing I care about most.

I genuinely believe that you NEED and WANT to give 100%, or else you will not get the results you are looking for. But, on the other hand, if you are willing to give 100%, you DO it. You will find a 200% return in no time.

This is something I have noticed in the Employee world. And I have heard this several times from lots of different people. For example, books from Billionaires also mentioned this kind of phenomenon, and I feel that it really is true.

Now, today I want to talk about my idea and the epiphany. I realized I needed to build a community. Which then I can use to create leverage for my ideal clients. Now here is unbelievable. Those people in my community will also become my customers in the second business venture I have thought out.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

That way, there is no waste in any form. The people I am going to be with are also ideal users for the second company. But more importantly, I will run ads that will show my face. I start locally and will run them in Oakland, Berkeley, and Hayward. That way, people who run a shop will see my face, hear my name, and know that I am the one who has the ad running. In addition, people will recognize me for the ad, which results in more contacts and more car n coffee meets.

In that sense, I will be “famous” for giving without charging the consumer, instead helping them to get the best service for their needs for free. This is the start of building a personal brand with a purpose that makes sense in the backend.

And I am excited to see the change that will come with it.

Because I want to change.

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