Commitment is hard to find these days

A few weeks ago, my friend and I started talking about launching a podcast, and we were hyped to get things rolling. 

While I was afraid of putting too much on my plate, I still went ahead and agreed yes to this project. This podcast has been in my head for a few years, but I never had the right person to start it with.

Some of you might say: “But Niclas don’t make things dependent on someone,” or “Just start, and things will fall into place.” I agree with you 100%. Always try to be as independent as possible. 

For this project, though, I don’t want to. The reason? Marketing.

The huge difference 

You see. There are 3 significant areas where 2-3 people can make a huge difference.

First: Brainstorming. When two people with two different perspectives come together and find a way to create something, it’s more powerful than having you do the work all on your own.

Second: Marketing itself. This is one thing I have studied now for well over 4 years. And the results an astonishing. Every time you have a podcast/video podcast with more than 1 person, it becomes more engaging than the other way around.

Yes, editing might help, but people are drawn to groups rather than individuals. (It’s easier and more fun )

Third: You have a reason to keep going and commit because it’s not just about you anymore. It’s about not letting the other person dry.

The last one is more of a challenge than any help.

People are quitters

Do people around you have a hard time committing to anything? You are not alone.

Ever since I called it off to date… I literally stopped looking for any romance in my life until I had what I wanted… Motorsport.

Ever since I started focusing on myself, I have noticed I am more likely to commit to something than anybody else. 

Whether meditating, learning a language, going to the gym, or building a friendship…

The sad truth is that the majority don’t commit to anything. At some point, I thought it was an “Employee” Mindset. But, unfortunately, that turned out to be invalid too. My friend, who is a small business owner, tremendously lacks commitment. 

It almost looks like a curse to me. Does this mean I should call it quits too? 

Me at 4:30 AM Finishing up the First Podcast Episode

Text Me

Now, Jinx is not something I believe in. But I don’t want to jinx myself now, haha. But in case, for whatever reason, I don’t post anything on my blog on a Friday morning. Please, text or dm me, call me names and point the finger at me for why I am not showing up.

And I mean it. I am sick and tired of me not showing up for a few things like making those damn cold calls ( note: I worked this week eagerly on the email Outreach campaign, which is completed by now. All I have to do is use an email provider and sending out those emails)

But heck, years passed while I was looking for love, an excuse, a trip, and a founder as a friend, and nothing happened. It almost feels like I have accomplished more in the last month than in the previous 3 years… That’s sad… and good because I get shit done for once.

The Update

I still don’t have a client, and I am not sure… well I am confident I won’t be able to pay rent this month…, And I need to pay my VA on Monday too.

EuropeanCarMeet Project. 

I knew it would take a lot of time and effort to get rolling initially, but the numbers are looking pretty good. As of right now, we have 433 Followers with 87 Posts, that’s a 4.9 Follower/Post Ratio. That’s good. Our Viral Reel has over 787K views with 123K likes. Definitely happy with the results so far.

I also got in touch with Mat. He’s running a Car Event thing… Unfortunately, he’s not willing to collab at the moment, but my goal is to get some time from him and ask many questions about the Carmeet.

V Eight Marketing Progress.

The Offer is complete. The landing page is done. Video Sales Letter is recorded and published. Pricing and pay options are complete. The email list is purchased and maintained. 

All I have to do is make those damn phone calls. Get in touch with the people. Reach out on Instagram and send out emails …
If I am not wrong, the numbers game works like this:

For every 1000 calls (2% will convert to the next stage), 20 businesses are interested in first-time calling.

20% of calls will result in a sale if you are inexperienced… ( I am ). This equals 4.

My price point for my services is average compared to the market at $2997/mo.

This means If I make those damn calls, I will end up with roughly $10K/mo.

See, the math is making sense… the execution is the ask now.
But for now… It’s time to commit to my finances.

See you next time.

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