Time equals priority

I’ve had lengthy discussions about whether or not it is required for my podcast partner to respond to me within 12 hours. Finally, we agreed that he’ll be a permanent guest instead of the co-host. That way, he is not required to respond timely, and I won’t get frustrated by waiting for a response related to the podcast.

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I strongly believe that if something is important to you, you will make time for it. No matter how inconvenient it is for you.

And I will give you an example that proves that time equals priority and vice versa.

So, for instance, you have a child, and you get a call that your child is in the hospital. To make it more extreme, you are a single parent. 

What would your reaction be? Do you say: “I am sorry, I am going somewhere right now. I’ll be there before midnight.”? Or do you try everything you can to get yourself or someone you know as soon as possible to the hospital to see your kid?

Now, if you hate your life and don’t care about your child, which happens more often than I’d hoped, then this doesn’t apply, of course. However, for most people, the first response would be to get someone to replace them at work so they can leave… and in some extreme situations, you go so you’ll be with your kid.

Does Time equal Priority and Does Priority Equal Time?

It took me a while to differentiate time vs. priority. So my conclusion on this is it is the same. Meaning priority is time and vice versa.

You may ask why that is. 

And it’s pretty simple. Once you know your priorities, you know where time needs to go to make it work.

Here is an example that fits into my life at the moment.

I’d love to be in a relationship built upon trust, honesty, and support. Understanding the sacrifice of short-term comfort for extraordinary results later in life.

I know that we both will be traveling a lot, and she will be able to build her own empire where I can ask for contacts that can benefit her projects.

To get there, we need to keep our heads down and work towards this goal, TOGETHER. 

And the only way to get there together is to have a lot of quality time. The time I need and want to take out of my day. And the time she needs and wants to take out of her day. 

Quality time doesn’t happen over texting or sending memes. I don’t want to spend or waste a minute on something that is not an investment for later in the future. 

I know where I want to be ( My priority), and if she is the right one, she will have to agree that this is how it’s gonna be (time). But, if she disagrees with me, wants to eat out, wants to have a fun life now, and doesn’t see the great future as I do. That means we don’t share the same vision, which means it will end up in time-wasting arguments about why we won’t do anything “fun” for the first 1-3 years. 

You see if the other person can see where things are going. Then, they will agree to a short-term discomfort to achieve overall freedom and comfort in all aspects of life. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Priority vs. Time in Business

Ask any business person if they regularly check their finances. And you’ll end up with a 100% agreement that all of them watch their finances once, if not twice, a day.

The reason is relatively self-explanatory. For example, suppose the business or the entrepreneur is running out of money. In that case, they will not be able to pay for their utilities like employees, office space, or themselves.

So if you invest time into something, you show valuable it is to you. 

I build a business, and I neglect friends who aren’t in the field I want to be in. I ignore networking opportunities because I need my first few clients. 

I go to the gym every day because I believe a healthy body supports a healthy mind and vice versa. I meditate daily to make sure I am calm when making important decisions. I write a blog because I want to look back and write a book out of it. I have a weekly podcast because I want to help the average person…. 

So, If I have a priority of something, I commit to investing time into it. Not for the sake of the results, I might reach, but for the progress, I will have.

And for that being said. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post about priorities.

Stats for the Business Projects

EuropeanCarMeet Progress

We’re getting some traction.. slowly but surely. As of today, writing this Blog post, we have 457 Followers with 98 Posts, that’s a 4.66 Follower/Post Ratio. Growth is slowing down. We made some changes on the Content production side where we use multiple images rather than one Image. The quality of followers is improving, which is the goal. It’s a sacrifice for now.

At 500 Followers, we’ll be making more changes which should give us a boost with the growth. But until then, nothing will change with the tasks we currently do.

V Eight Marketing Progress

I sent out the first 20 emails. 4 of them got opened, while 3 were not delivered(errors). Which is ok. It took much longer than I anticipated… as per usual. However, I am pretty surprised that one email got opened twice. That means it has been forwarded, or the person had second thoughts. ( Potential lead )

So I can now create 2 additional lists. One list is opened, and the other is a pinback list where I need to find a working email. And those who didn’t respond will receive a follow-up email as they haven’t received the first email.

See you next time.

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