Your Competition Isn’t Great -It’s Your Chance to Shine

After a conversation with a potential client, I got introduced to the past work of one of my competitors. I was thrilled to see what a competitor has delivered to see where I can improve and stand out in quality.

The findings were shocking, sad, and exciting. All at the same time. Let me break down what each of them is and why.

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It was shocking how little effort it would take to deliver the results they had gotten. When you see something that was clearly done with the bare minimum. Throughout the years of working in various roles in the Automotive industry, I know where this is coming from. Still, I’ve never seen it firsthand for a B2B client.

Also, this shows how much I can “slip” until I lose the client’s trust… Not that I will, but this widens the SafeZone, I’d say.


Businesses are getting screwed daily by people who do shitty business. And destroy no biased people into negatively biased people. Why? Because they have painted the picture for agencies. What does this mean for future agency owners? You’ll need to convince them that you deliver quality. You have to over-communicate. Additionally, you must break the belief system, so you don’t ghost them. You are walking on eggshells because some words may make them think you are like the guy before you.


With that, the bar of expectation is at an all-time low. This means that no matter what I deliver, it’s easy to be better than the previous agency. I already had the chance to “proof” my expertise, even though I thought I delivered some mediocre work. Instead, I received a review for the incredible work I’ve provided.
This means being hard with yourself keeps you in check to deliver outstanding work with the highest standards possible.
And it will make it hard for competitors to steal your clients.

The elephant in the room

Let’s address the elephant, I missed last week’s post, and there is no excuse. However, there are two reasons, aka excuses, why I haven’t written a piece of content.

First, I was very productive during the day with email outreach, and I received some replies, which is incredible. Because of this, I haven’t much time to think of a topic I want to discuss.

Secondly, I fell back on consuming content on Youtube. No, not great. I know. And I am trying to dial back a little.

It’s just so easy to consume, and it takes a lot of mental energy to reduce unintentional consumption.

There is a silver lining, though.

I finally finished reading the book How to win Friends and influence people. I moved to the next book, 7 habits of highly effective people. And I keep my Spanish learning streak. I also created a guide that makes posting my reels easier in the future. This included Hashtags, Captions, and Accounts I want to engage with depending on the content I post.

So, in my own example. I post Cars, Fitness, and Podcasts. The personal brand stands for those 3 things and nothing else.

So Each category will have a different set of Hashtags and Accounts I’ll engage with once I publish it.

Another unfortunate thing that happened is my VA has quit, and her last day was today. So it was a setback. More mentally than actual work-wise. But I will talk about this the next time.

For now, we keep pushing forward.

Thanks for checking in, and I am excited to see you next time.

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