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I have a thousand and one different things on my plate I’d need to be doing today. Yet, I write this blog post.

This has nothing to do with being consistent, which I obviously wasn’t last year; Like, not at all. Is it a distraction? Maybe it is.

What I know, though, is that I need to remind myself of my goals and my plan more than I used to.

This is why I am writing this blog post. Two nights ago, I looked at older blog posts and saw what I promised to be doing, and shortly after didn’t follow through.

I genuinely don’t enjoy writing. Because my writing is absolutely terrible. And I tend to use fancy words instead of clear & easy to understand ones.

Is this an excuse? No. Do I need to practice to get better? Yes.

Last year was an incredible year to get to know me on such a deep level I never thought I’d be able to.

12 months, no romantic distraction. 12 months of asking difficult questions about myself. 12 months of isolation to define what I want without any influence from friends, family, or a romantic partner.

Do I recommend this strategy to you? Yes and no. I took it to the extreme. 365 days full of being alone. And hours and hours without conversations with people is hard. It’s not for everyone.

My personality is suited to this environment. I don’t have the feeling of being lonely. It’s quite the opposite. I learned to enjoy spending time with myself. Develop imagination and gratitude I haven’t had before. I am calmer than ever before. My meditation sessions of over 365 days show their effect on what I engage with. And most importantly. My peace is almost unbreakable.

It allows me to let people go without feeling guilty or thinking I could’ve done more. Because I am open to criticism and allow myself to listen and give feedback. And most importantly. I protect myself from everything that tries to drag me away from my goals and dreams.

Because my core value is this:

I want everyone around me to succeed. The way you grow is to keep working towards a better version of yourself. This comes with being open to criticism and change you’re willing to do.
Negative self-talk and limiting belief that I won’t achieve my goals will not be tolerated by my friends or me.

I developed the skill of unconditional love. Which, for me, is a true superpower. Unlimited love? That’s crazy. Crazy fucking awesome if you ask me.

Is this the blog post that gets everything started? Maybe. But I do know that I need to practice my writing daily.

So if you want to visually see my transformation, connect with me on Social Media. Mainly Instagram, where I post Inspiring Quotes, Podcast Snippets, Fitness Content, and Personal Growth Content.

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