About Me

Accept the fact it’s going to be tough. Build with your roadblocks.

Hey there, I am Niclas and I am in the

Sales & Marketing industry for over 6 years.

My story start off being a car technician up to the point where I decided to run a Digital Marketing Agency. It is quite unique and that’s why I wanted it to share this with you.

I need to admit, the journey of being a car guy to leaving his home to discover the beauty of life was a painful experience – but absolutely worth it.

Early Life in Munich, Germany

  • Graduated from high school and started as an automotive trainee tech
  • Grasped ambition to graduate 6 months earlier to become a MasterTech
  • Graduated as one of the youngest MasterTechs in Germany at 21 years old
  • Started a mobile detailing company that failed due to a lack of business knowledge
  • Built a 5 figure loan hole because of the lack of discipline
  • Looked for a different industry and got hired as a manager for internal website building
  • Started to stare at several german movies and TV-shows
  • 2016 Summer decision felt to leave everything behind to take the risk – Now or Never

Life in Monterey, California

  • First and loneliest Christmas and saddest New Years celebration
  • Lack of English skill caused a huge setback to find any jobs
  • My first job as a Parts Advisor – Outperformed team within 2 months
  • Met first true and most valuable friend
  • The move into a mobile home
  • Started a hookah brand for the European and US market – failed due to lack of capital
  • Begin of learning several different Marketing channels (SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.)
  • The decision of moving back to Germany
  • An unexpected job offer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Life in San Francisco Bay, California

  • 2018 – The biggest mental and financial change
  • Starting at the new company
  • Debt in Germany could get paid off within 2 months
  • Learn about Sales & Marketing in-depth and hands-on
  • The BreakUp was driven by self-care and future focus
  • Noticing trend where restaurants are closing due to lack of online presence
  • Lack of money habits drove me right back where I started ( without debt this time )
  • Willingness to learn and started to practice investments into Stocks
  • Invested portfolio lost over 60%
  • Serious learning and practicing Investments (Study with Books, Podcasts, and Articles)
  • 2019 Started first agency – failed due to lack of self-discipline
  • 2020 started the second agency successfully

Let’s create a successful life together!

I am always open to have nice conversations about ideas & opportunities. This is your invitation if you want to take a step towards success. Join the community – Where Success Becomes your Obligation.

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