About Me

You really want to know who I am, aren’t you? Well, let’s explain 👇


Niclas Haritos, Happiness will be created by meaningful tasks
Me in Lago di Garda, Italy. My first personal accomplishment after several years.

I am glad to make you curious about myself. My name is Niclas Haritos and I consider myself as a motivational speaker. I love to bring happiness to other people and love to see them enjoy life. Of course, in a meaningful way.

My childhood was sort of wonderful and I had a chance to experience beautiful things within the first decade of my life. Just like everyone else, life becomes difficult and the responsibility of being happy shifts from your parents and friends to your very own.

Now, you are asking yourself why it was “sort of” wonderful. This will be answered in my Story Posts. Where you’ll find every phase more in detail. Many people say it’s worth to read it. I think it’s great because it made me who I am and hopefully you will be able to connect those dots together.

A person will always be a representative of their closest circle of influence but also of their greatest interest. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to those who are in my closest circle of influence. Starting off with my half brother who I never had much contact with but he was able to teach me certain manners within a different country to fit in the right way. The next person is my mom who taught me many things about judgment and unconditional love she gave my sister and me. Followed by my Dad who taught me many things that life is like running a business and the right decision will be made out of strategy and logic.  The last person on this list but at the same time, the most important one, my little sister Anastasia. Thanks to her I am able to value other people as well as help and support them on their journey to become a better person.

Why do I want to support other people?

My why is difficult to explain but I would say quite simple at the same time. The feeling of seeing other people happy is one of the most exciting feelings I’ve ever experienced. Weird isn’t it?! However, I truly believe that if you are able to observe someone’s happiness and you are happy for them you will feel it too. I tried it the first time in Germany to someone who worked in a bakery. That person still remembers my name, only because I said that the shirt looked nice on that person.

Who am I trying to reach and speak to?

Obviously, I will not be liked by everyone. And this is ok. I do want to reach out to those who are going through a tough time or phase in their life. Speaking to others makes me happy because only then, I am able to listen to their story and thought about it. We all struggle in different areas in our lives and we try our best to make the best out of it. Some things will take longer than others. I want to join you to get better and be a better person every single day.

How am I going to help?

First things first. I post blog posts about my struggles so people see that a perfect looking life is not necessarily flawless but still perfect. Keep in mind: “Life is how it is but you are responsible to make it the best possible.

I publish videos on youtube about very common topics. From being single and trying to find THE ONE to that person who is trying to become an entrepreneur. I’ve had great experiences who are great study cases to show you what I did and you are eventually able to apply those actions to your own life.

Building a community is something I always wanted to do. I care about people who are in need to speak up and have to speak out what they have on their hearts. This community serves as an audience for all community members. We love to hear and encourage to speak.

The last one is going to be the “Be Great Summit” which is a motivational and inspirational speaking event for everyone who is trying to get better. But also for those who don’t have the answer where to start.

If you are trying to break out of your old habits and you are ready for a change then I would love to see you with us.

And please!! Remember one thing:

“You can handle the world. Stay focused and keep it up to get that whatever you want” – Niclas Haritos

Niclas H 🤙🙃