Why you should start your Youtube Channel

Should I start a Youtube Channel

On a Thursday afternoon at a Grocery store, I was able to get out of the house and get some fresh air. The quarantine is driving me and many others to a different state of mind. COVID-19 is spreading fear, confusion, but also frustration and anger. However, I was able to have a friendly, quick […]

Why Working for somebody will help you

Recently, I went on a business trip to a meeting with co-workers. As you know, I am thriving for entrepreneurship, but because of the lack of capital, working for someone else instead is the only way to fund the opening business. First, I thought this would be an embarrassing fact in one way or the […]

What happens when you stop dreaming

I recently talked to one of my colleagues. We went from how our job is doing to what we’ve planned for 2020. And I realized quickly. He doesn’t have extraordinary dreams. But what does that mean to his future life? Everything that exists was once a dream Everything you have, everything you are using, everything […]


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