Digital Marketing

The digital space holds unlimited opportunities to make money, whether it’s online or offline. I share some of my experiences to make it accessible to you to get started. No matter if you are in High school, College, or you are employed at a regular 9-5 job at the moment.

To ease your worries, I’ve started educating myself when I had my 9-5 when I was 23 years old. At 25, I made my first money while I still was employed at a regular sales job. That first sale though, made me take it more serious than ever before.

By sharing my steps and experiences you are going to have an easy and simple start to make money online fast and efficient.

2021 Side Hustles Part I

2021 Side Hustles Part I 2020 & 2021 are the years that make use realize that one job is not enough to rely on. Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and most of them aren’t back up again after one year of business closures. But there is hope as long as you […]

Does Journaling help me

Does Journaling Really Work?

I’ve been part of some Mastermind groups, and journaling has become, for many, the ideal way to evaluate their progress. Ever since I was a youngster, I never felt the urge to write down what I’ve experienced throughout the day. Some of my friends were born with that hobby. Now, I ask myself, does it […]

For Real This Time

“Starting a blog is easy,” I thought. The truth is, it is. But there will be a challenge that often comes with the easiness. And it is called consistency; being consistent at all costs is the biggest challenge for me I can think of. Now, I have no idea how many times I said, “Ok, […]

Why you should start your Youtube Channel

Should I start a Youtube Channel

On a Thursday afternoon at a Grocery store, I was able to get out of the house and get some fresh air. The quarantine is driving me and many others to a different state of mind. COVID-19 is spreading fear, confusion, but also frustration and anger. However, I was able to have a friendly, quick […]


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